WWDC 2004 in Internet?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by coldspot, Jun 12, 2004.

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    I wanna know if we will watch to the WWDC 2004 by broadband access, at the Apple website.

    Thanks! :)
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    its possible but not likely. Last years WWDC was not avaible as a live stream from apple but you could watch it afterwards. This is a developers conference so its no like MWSF where is put on for the public and they typically broadcast it online.

    Regardless macrumors will probably have live coverage here and on IRC.

    hope this helps but we'll see as the conference approaches.
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    It would be good to see a list of sites that are going to try and provide "live" information on announcements.
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    i would give it a few more days, sites will be bette equipped to know if they will have a source providing a live text transmission.
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    Last year I watched the WWDC keynote live at my local Apple store. However, it hasn't even been announced yet if stores will have a satellite feed again this year. Note that what the Apple store was playing was coming in via a satellite, not the Internet. As kwyjibo said, last year the Internet feed only became available after the actual keynote had concluded.
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    hold it

    I thought I did watch it live last year. I'm sure that I watched the anouncement in january for the xserve. I do think it was live broadcast on the web because i was jumping around during last summer due to the new g5s.
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    Of Course

    You guys, of course macrumors is going to have coverage. The likely hood that the broadcast will be live is also great. ;)
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    I agree about the coverage. But I don't think it's likely that we will have a live stream. Even last year with the announcement of the Power Mac G5 (which was one of the greatest for Apple) didn't have a live one. It only started short after WWDC.
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    I certainly hope that you are correct. My wife & I have already made plans to be at our local Apple Store on Monday June 28th. So far the internet streams have been unreliable.
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    I hope they show the broadcast at the Apple store again, it was really fun to see it on a big screen like that. I felt like I was there! Oh well, if they don't I hope we'll be able to watch it online even if it isn't live.
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    Live from the store

    It's like a new pb G5 is released and someone buys a pb g4 like a minute before steve says so. hehe :p
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    Usually there is a 14 or 30 day safety time for such events...price protection etc to make it less painful.

    The 23" PM deal is a strong hint that the 23" screen will be replaced and drop signficantly in price... here's hoping
  13. DJY
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    and with the EDUC 3 yr warranty about to die...
    I for one (if I switch) will buy a Powerbook before WWDC... as the $598 Applecare costs is something I'd like to avoid!
    I think June might be the month I switch??!?!?!!

    Hows your move going aswitcher ?
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    Pretty damn good. :D

    Still so much to sort out and personalise. Needs some good i-candy icons and backgrounds... ;)

    Looking forward to see what WWDC brings. Hopefully we will get a live chat. What's a good chat program for Macs?
  15. DJY
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    I have a couple of mates using Fire and Adium - as they allow multiple log ins to ICQ / MSN / AOL / IRC / AIM / ABC / XYZ etc etc etc

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