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WWDC a week away - Predictions?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by law guy, May 28, 2005.

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    law guy

    With WWDC a week away, I'm wondering what folks are predicting. These predictions might be based on rumor or your "gut" feeling for what must be coming, infused with a little wishing of course. My friend always had a prize for who got closest in guessing Oscar pics - sorry, no prize, but it would be interesting to see who's close.

    My predictions:

    PowerMacs: 3.2 GHz Dual G5s (just dual processors, but not dual core)
    DDR2 memory
    PCIe-x16 graphics

    Powerbooks: A low voltage mobile version of the G5 with modest speed (somewhere in the range of 1.2 to 1.6GHz) announcement to ship in July / August - 15" and 17" only. Mobile version keeps processor speed down under most mundane use and extends battery life.
    DDR2 memory

    All "regular" size iPods go color screen; digital FM tuner available built-in with record to disk feature.

    Modest price cut on 30" display

    What do others "see" coming?

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    Alot of people are saying a 13" widescreen PB, which I sure hope is wrong because that would just look "weird"... :eek:
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    A G5 of a same/slower speed as a given G4 will get beat. Trust me. Clock for clock, g4's win. Work on the FSB.....

    and to the G5 comment. I doubt they will even get to 3.0 ghz. I want them to though.

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    I think there will be a new mouse and keyboard. Apart from that I have no idea...

    Would like to see new model PowerMac, but if there is one it will probably be in very limited quantity due to CPU supply.
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    Um i guessing iPod updates and iBook eventhough its a "pro" conference. I dont know what else to expect but im excited. Does steve do his key note on the 6th? if so that will be a great day because of the new coldplay album coming out that day.
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    Yes, Steve's keynote will be on the 6th at 1:00 PM Eastern time. I think we might see new iBooks and iPods also. WWDC isn't really a "Pro" conference though. It's just a conference for developers to learn what's going on in the world of Mac OS X. It also highlights hardware stuff as well.
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    They better not get rid of the 12" PB...

    Anyway, here are some of my predictions

    Updated mac mini, probably a 1.5ghz and a 1.67ghz model.

    Update PB - probably not G5, but regardless a speed boost to around 2.0ghz

    And lastly, the most unlikely one, but still could happen, a 3.0+ ghz PM.
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    I'm hoping for a new ipod with bluetooth syncing w/ color screen . Also apple annoucing more cars for their built in ipod thing for the 2004 lexus ES with navi ;)
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    mad jew

    Hopefully we'll get a bit of insight into what changes are in store for iTunes as an app and a store. Will we be getting online movies?
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    new Airport Express
    new Pro look keyboard and mouse
    new Power Mac line-up:

    dualcore Dual 3.0GHz
    Dual 2.7GHz
    Dual 2.3 GHz
    single 2.3GHz
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    I Predict (Anybody remember the old Sparks song???)

    Full-size iPods with color screens across the board
    New Airport Express with IR built in
    iTunes for Linux
    1 new garageband instrument pack
    72 new automator actions
    23 new dashboard widgets
    New Blue Dalmation and Flower Power mac mini color schemes

    Oh, and Steve will demo Tiger...again.
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    That sony 13" is slick!
    If they get that thats my next computer 4 sure.
    Powerbooks should all be widescreen. To not be so is... wrong. :)
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    what are the rumors for new keyboard? I just bought mine last week so it would be cool if new ones come out so i can exchange it.
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    mad jew


    Maybe a colour-coded keyboard that'll match the aluminium G5s and PowerBooks. There may also be more features on it too.
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    i hope not i just got a bluetooth keyboard/mouse
    I cheep keyboard and mouse would be cool to match the mini...
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    Mr. Anderson

    How can they have another speed bump in the PowerMac line when they just had one....

    I don't see it happening.

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    yeah i just bought the bt keyboard, but does anyone know the return policy? Incase they are released on the 6th, will i be able to return it? I recieved it on monday,
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    law guy

    The bump would be pretty close to the bump (and the bigger changes) that happened when my dual 1.42 came out - total life of that product was only 4 months on the market (mid-March to mid-July when the WWDC PM announced G5's began to ship).

    What do you see coming down the path next week? (and do I recall incorrectly, or did you used to be located in Alexandria, VA? We used to live up the hill behind the GW monument)
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    crazy ideas

    Dropping the single 1.8 G5. :(
    Dropping prices on, PB’s and PM’s. :D
    Lowering cost of 23” and 30” cinemas :D
    Upgraded system controller chip in G5’s, or something else that miniscule. :mad:
    New video cards for Power Macs. “Even though, these ones rock” :D
    New iBooks 10”, 12” and 15” high quality screens. :D
    And some new industry standard apple thingy, like maybe Fire wire 1600 or something :eek:
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    Maybe on the 30", but otherwise I think you're going to be disappointed.

    Possibly an upgrade to the iBook, or even the mini, but I doubt it will be anything revolutionary. No G5 PowerBook either, unless they keep the G4 for some models, and just have like 1 highend one. Same with the PowerMac. They just updated them, so the best we'll get is a highend model, with the rest being the same but with minor price drops. Hopefully a better single Tower. Probably an iPod/iTunes update of some kind, but no radio and no built-in recording. Sorry. :(

    Something new probably we aren't even thinking of yet. Way to plug those leaks Apple, we're stumped. Asteroid anyone?
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    Thoughts humble ones.

    A new FireWire speed sounds nice, if only more appliances come to market that'll use it.

    1> Xserves getting a new speed bump, and possibly a new design layout;back to supporting 4 HDDs possibly.

    2> price drop of PowerBooks & 30" Cinema Display's would be smart to further move products & sales; since both arent doing to ecstaticly well. Dont get me wrong their fantastic but I see only the super fortunate & industries buying 30 Cinema Displays. Also performance of PowerBooks from possible switchers' point of view may not be to impressive, either way reduce the price by say 12" ($200), 15" ($250), and 17" ($300) would be really sweet; but offer it with mail in rebate within 30 days. Statistics say only roughly 20% of people mail in their rebates anyway.

    3> PowerMac's, a new high-end, while dropping the single cpu. All will ship with bluetooth 2.0+EDR.

    4> Announcements of more alliances, maybe even a special sneak at what IBM plans for opening up the architecture of the Cell; not that it'll be in a Mac , but what technologies would make it into a future cpu.
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    Well just to say about the PB's....they will proberly not go as low as 1.2Ghz...the 1.67Ghz G4 will beat the 1.6Ghz G5 :eek: :mad:
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    1.They should if not updated

    2. FW 1600 nah...they don't even have FW 800 in any other than the PM and PB ;)
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    1) Quad processor (if possible with dual cores but unlikely) PowerMac G5's at $3500 or above. A new model, not update.

    2) New iBooks, likely e600 based. Low end 1.33, high end 1.5 GHz. The 1.5 model would run at 10w if its using an e600 G4.

    3) Possibly new PowerBooks, though it seems to be too soon for them.

    4) Some iPod update. 5G? Nah...still, there will be something.

    5) Some mention of the videos in the iTunes Music Store. Will there be an iTunes Video Store announced, I dunno.

    6) Something about HD video.

    7) Some mention about how great the HD projectors are.

    8) Someone from another company onstage.

    9) Something unexpected.

    10) Some mention of how great Tiger is.
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    What if its not a bump, but a higher end model added?

    Say, a tri or quad PowerMac at 3 GHz and $3500 or $4000?

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