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Wwdc Nda

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by arn, May 6, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Per Stepwise, this year's WWDC information may be more difficult to come by:

    This year, with the exception of the Keynote, all WWDC sessions are covered by the Apple Developer Connection Terms and Conditions and Prototype License and Confidentiality Agreement.

    This is departure from the previous WWDC's, and is explained as such:p>

    The common statement was along the lines of "this year, WWDC is more forward looking, and as such is covered under NDA". Certainly, up until last year, all the WorldWide Developer Conferences relating to this technology have been forward looking, due to no shipping product.

    Regardless, keynote information should be freely available, and other items will likely leak out...
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    well i sure hope things leak out otherwise im going to be bummed out.

    c'mon apple spill the beans
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. It possibly means that they're preparing the developers for something in future, a possible change (processor?). Or they've got something really good that won't be out soon and they need to keep a lid on it. Given all the different sessions at the conference, I can't imagine everyone of them is going to be talking about far off future events and tech.

    Can the KeyNote be enough to keep us happy until MWNY - I would have to doubt this.
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    I hope that we will have enough to keep us happy 'till MWNY, and that some details about .2 will be released.

    I hope that this will be the case also!
  5. arn
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    as stepwise pointed out... it's almost silly to have such a strict NDA on all the sessions as the registration for WWDC isn't restricted. Anyone can go if they want to pay for it....

    it's not like you're keeping info from any particular people...

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    Not everyone can go. If they could, you wouldn't have the cost to get into the show being so expensive (restrictive). The cost specifically restricts the non-serious developers/fans/"the curious".
  7. agp
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    People pay to go to WWDC, if they could get it all on the web then why bother?

    Apple will also give developers online access to every session (they are all filmed) via quicktime in a few months time. If you are desperate to see what each session is about then join Apple's developer connection. There is a cheap student membership too!

    If you join ADC you can view last years WWDC now. The sessions are on subjects like 'QuickTime Java', LDAP, Audio....etc.

    Apple will show new technologies in Mac OS X, but it will not be a secret....just a developers view of how these can be used. Apple makes the actual conference confidential just because they want people to go.
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    Looks like the hype machine is at it again. Changing policies like this will certainly get people wondering what they have up their sleeve. Of course, it will backfire bigtime if nothing big is actually waiting in the wings!
  9. arn
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    Re: ADC

    I see this point somewhat...

    but I disagree to a point... sure Apple wants people to pay for the conference... and maybe that is one of their reasons to more strictly NDA it... however... I doubt there is any serious developer who relies on the general Mac web media to provide them with developer info from WWDC... the coverage is far too superficial.

    My point is I dont think not NDAing it actually affects how many developers attend.

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    Doesn't matter anyway. With that many developers, how could things NOT leak out? We should hear about pretty much everything interesting.
  11. sjs
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    Given Apple's comments about "doing things that have never been done before" on any platform...and now the NDA...doesn't this all add up to being VERY tantalizing???

    Particularly since they know it will trickle out anyway, given a bit of TIME.

    I think this means that they just want to keep something secret for a very short period until it is officially announced.

    I think it is something pretty big. Or am I just overreactiing?
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    I do hope info is leaked out.(I'm sure it will) This should be a very interesting next few days. Something important is in there! There would not be all this hubub over nothing.
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    Apple is not the only company doing this. Most organizations that have conferences similar to WWDC present sessions under NDA.

    There are 2 reasons.

    One is that attendees are learning about things that are going to be released in the near future - in this case most likely 10.2 at MWNY. If all of the new things became public knowledge, there would be no marketing thunder at the product launch.

    Another is that the organization does not want its competition learning what it is doing strategically and then releasing a product with similar functionality first.

    I have attended several WWDCs in the past and the whole concept of Apple talking about real future strategy is quite new. Going by the content, I am not at all surprised that some of the sessions are NDA'd. I don't know what is happening for non-ADC members, but I would not be surprised if they are made to sign an NDA as well.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Maybe its Apple's new hype strategy? Make everything look like a secret and then all the rumors keep floating around and even if info leaks all we'll be able to say is that it 'might' have been talked about at WWDC without being able to prove anything.

    Ok, I'm getting a little paranoid here, but hey, its all speculation anyway.
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    When does the keynote start?

    I just wondered when the keynote will acutually start European Time? In Germany its 6:50 pm. Shouldn't it have begun already? But there is no sign of Jobs to find nowhere in the net - I went through all the sites I assume to be the "usual suspects". Not even Apple itself has changed the stay-tuned-for-coverage-info on its site. Am I this wrong in my time calculation?

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    Keynote Kickoff

    18:00 British Summer Time
    19:00 Central European Time
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    Thanks a lot

    So it should be starting right now. I wonder what we will be hearing about Apples plans for the future of Macintosh. ;-)
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    Who's the competition? If it's Microsoft, for example, then they are already Mac developers and will know exactly what Apple have planned. Also, as already stated, anyone can attend if the have the cash. Thus it is no problem for any large software company to send in a "spy". Therefore the above grounds for an NDA seem a bit odd, or am I missing something?

    The first point may be valid though i.e. marketing reasons, so Steve doesn't have his thunder stolen before announcing something new at MWNY.
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    dunno if u've noticed but maccentral is live at the keynote, right now...
  20. sjs
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    I think it will all be out in rumor/leak form before MWNY, at least software-related stuff.

    That was my point: there is no competition to keep this from. And there is no way to keep stuff totally secret if you have shown it to a thousand attendees.

    The NDA is just to buy a very short period of time, like days or a week or so. Its also just to create titillation. Its working!
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    USB printer sharing


    I knew they would introduce it. Okay, time to go until late this summer - but at least I know it will come - great!

    Maccentral.com has the news, folks!
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    Standard Practice

    Apple used an NDA for the initial release of OS X. If I remember correctly only the developers enrolled as Premier ADC members were given the "real" info on OS X's internals. There is a lot of new product in Jaguar and it looks like they don't want competitors to have early access to them. I think Quartz Extreme, Rendevous, and Inkwell fit into that category.
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    I wasn't saying this would hold true in Apples case. Just that it is a reason that some companies NDA developer events.
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    Go to www.macsonly.com.

    Good run-down there by someone who was present.

    And was NOT under NDA :)


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