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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by MongoTheGeek, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Anyone headed there?
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    Have you seen how much it costs? :eek: And then there are the airfare, hotel etc...

    So for me no!
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    Yep. Fourth year in a row for me. Not sure I'll make it next year.
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    i've got summer school :(
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    I'm going! :) Scholarships for the win.
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    Yep. Thank you scholarship program + living in the bay area already!
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    i wish i was.

    thing is, i may be getting a big bonus from work, which would enable me to go, but by the time that comes around i'll be having to sit watch the video of the keynote :( :( :(

    however if i do get this bonus, what'll make up for it is a new MacPro and MBP or MB :D:D

    hope you guys going have fun. bastards. :p
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    i wish i could go. hopefully i will get the scolarship in a few years
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    i'm coming, too, thanks to the scholarships. :)
    where will you be staying?

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