Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by snowwhite007, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Anyone got xbmc on there Air? Trying to find a link to dounload eden as some plugins i use dont support dharma any help apreciated
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    Google is your friend :confused:

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    Seriously, this thread should be deleted!

    I've looked nowhere and I can't find it for some reason!!!

    I would copy/paste your question into Google...but, while it will pick up keywords it is written so poorly I don't think it would understand...which might be your problem. Try this:

    Trying to find a link to download Eden plugins. Dharma is no longer supported by some developers and I need replacements.

    XBMC Plugins

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    There's no reason for a thread to be deleted, just because you can't understand the question or find the answer. Also, it helps to remember that English isn't everyone's first language. And your link isn't functional.
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    Yeah. In the UK, it's Scottish :/
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    The forum just have censored it....guess they don't like ***********....oh well.

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    actually for what are u using XBMC on MBA ?
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    Hulu, Amazon Prime video, and movies on a hard drive.

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