xcode build not possible, The timestamp service is not available.

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by md11, Jul 12, 2012.

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    Hi, I wanted to make a self-written application to be 10.8 ready.
    When I now build the application I get the following error:

    The timestamp service is not available.Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

    It has something to do with the codesinging (Gatekeeper...).
    The application runs in debbuging mode without codesigning - is it something I must look for the error, or is it something I have to wait for (Timestamp service).
    Anybody has a clue?
    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Same issue, when will have a luck to resolve, will post about
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    Which version of XCode are you running? The correct version from the Mac Developer Centre to go with 10.8? If you have pirated 10.8 from elsewhere most likely you have a version of XCode that does not work with that OS.
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    Everything official.
    Xcode 4.4 and 10.8 both from my developer account, so this can't be the reason.
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    I can submit to the Mac App Store and Export as an Application just fine, but I can't Export a Developer ID-signed Application. When I try to Export as a Developer ID-signed Application, I get the message about the timestamp service not being available, and it fails.

    But, unless I'm mistaken, you don't really need to Export as a Developer ID-signed Application, yet, because Mountain Lion isn't out yet and so no users actually have Gatekeeper set to only allow signed applications to run.

    (And actually, it seems to me that Gatekeeper is pretty flexible... the user just has to hit an "Ignore" button or something like that when they try to launch a blocked app, and it'll launch despite Gatekeeper's settings.)
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    Thanks ArtOfWarfare for your reply.

    Yes same as on my system, so it's a problem with the timestamp service.
    Yes I know, but I want the app to be ready for the future.

    On my system it says "Unable to open because not from identified developer" or similiar, so needs to be signed for users who have no idea what has to be changed.
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    You're right, I forgot. To open apps from unidentified developers, one must control-click the icon and choose open if you're set to anything besides "Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere". When you do that, it gives the same warning as normal, but offers a button to open it just this one time, or to open it anytime in the future.

    As far as I know, the only way the OS will let you know about control-clicking the icon is if you try to set gatekeeper to allow applications downloaded from anywhere to run. It will then present an alert sheet suggesting that you don't make that setting change, and telling you about that shortcut.
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    Same error here:
    The timestamp service is not available.Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1
    Any news with this issue?
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    Brian Bergstrand in the Apple Developer Forums posted a workaround which works well for me.

    to the Other Code Signing Flags within Xcode.
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    Interesting. Will that cause any issues with applications built that way (possibly in the future, IE after ML's release,) or did he not say?
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    The problem is now fixed, without changing anything on my side.
    I suppose the timestamp service is now available.

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