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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by silencejinn, Feb 26, 2005.

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    hi, i just installed xcode on my pb, i try to compile a c code, it worked. but i do not know how to run that ".out" file on my terminal.
    need help from all you guys.
    thanks a lot
    ps:any xcode learning website suggest?
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    do an ls -l to make sure it's executable (look for x in the user permissions). Assuming it is type ./<name of file>.out (you need the ./ as the current directory is not normally in your PATH). Note that it is normal to rename the compiled executable to not have the .out extension!

    If the file is not executable do chmod u+x <name of file>
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    still no good

    the file is executable and i have the permission. but how to change the name?
    i tried just use "a", it doesn't work. what should i do?
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    You seem very uncomfortable with the command line! Use the Finder to change the name, or type mv <full name> <new name> the full name includes all extensions (i.e. mv a.out mygreatprogram).
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