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XP on Xserve

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wigga69uk, Aug 25, 2004.

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    My company are looking to get an Xserve G5 to serve macs and windows.
    I've been trying to talk my boss into replacing our windows server with a Xserve for ages. He finally came round to the idea, but then he heard all our XP PC's will need some extra software (costing £150 per PC) installing so they can see xserve.

    Is this true? I think it's bull****!
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    I think all the XP peecees need is the smb(Samba) protocol installed. But what i know is dated... i wouldn't be surprized if the new 10.3 server has found a work around since.
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    As far as I know, it's simply a matter of having everything configured correctly, no additional software is necessary. SMB is part of Windows server strategy and Samba fills that spot on Mac OS X and the XServe (G5 or otherwise). If those machines can get from a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 Server, they should have little problem getting from Mac OS X.
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    Converted is correct. The PCs only need Samba installed. Windows Samba clients can be downloaded (for free) from Microsoft's website.

    Info from Apple's site can be found at Apple - Mac OS X Server - Windows Services.

    And if you're feeling particularly nerdy, the documentation for OS X Server's Windows Services Administration is here (pdf).
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    Downloaded? It comes installed as "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".

    To clarify Samba is the open source application that allows other machines to use the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to connect to Windows machines, known as NetBIOS.
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    Samba is something that the Mac uses to share files that Windows will be able to access. The Windows clients will need nothing extra installed on to them.
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    Sorry. You folks are right. Please excuse the brain fart. :eek:
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    At work we have a couple of Mac OS X Servers (Xserves and "other" G4s).
    Samba (Windows Services) work very well on Panther Server.

    No need for those legacy products like "Copstalk" on a PC to make the PC able to connect to an AFP server using AppleTalk...

    Those were the days: adjusting Windows so it can connect to your Apple-only network!! :D (things are a bit different now... ;) )
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    Thanks for all your help, most appreciated.

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