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XP SP2 Installed...no sound drivers

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by harveypooka, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Windows XP SP 2 installed fine. Drivers installed fine from Boot Camp burned disc also. However when I boot up there is no sound and no
    hardware appears in the Sound, Video and Game Controllers.

    Apple say these are supposed to be installed:

    # SigmaTel Audio (1.0.4889.0 nd375 cp1)
    # SigmaTel Audio proto_A2 (1.0.4889.0 nd375 cp1)

    Doesn't appear anywhere. I am using a iMac 20" 1.5GB RAM. I've looked on Google for drivers but get lists and lists of drivers.
    Any ideas? Where do these appear for anyone else? Eve is waiting!
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    SOUND! I have sound! Windows XP just popped at me. Check out in System Devices a 'PCI Device'....update...installs. SOUND! SOUND!

    Thanks for the help. Hehe.
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    With a mini I get sound but can not disable the internal speaker...
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    Yes - my internal speaker works too and thats it I think. No speakers work. Hmmm. It must be the drivers...wonder if we're alone in this or other users have it to?
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    From the Boot Camp FAQ:

    Hope that helps! I get audio through my externals and my internal, which is weird, but I'm ok with it.
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    Doh. I usually read the read me files too. That sucks. Ah well, I'm pretty damn happy - Half Life 2 will be purchased tomorrow. Things can only get better from here! I'm a bit weirded out by web browsing though...it's snappier on XP in Firefox than in Safari. Is this down to Firefox? I never use Firefox much as I just...um...take what Apple gives me browser wise (remember Cyberdog?!). They must be pretty pleased/confident with OSX at the mo as it's going to take some beating - what with BareFeats reporting that OpenGL rendering is faster and all. Ah, a very exciting time though!
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    What are you running? Safari on my Core Solo Mac Mini opens about as quick as Firefox does on the XP partition for me. Things DO seem to load faster in IE on XP than in Safari, but Firefox seems to be about the same speed-wise. Either way, it's all very fast, so I'm happy. Of course, IE doesn't even have tabbed browsing, so it's really pretty useless.
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    I'm running the 20" iMac. It's just a bit disconcerting that things seem....snappier, on XP. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
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    Give it some time

    XP always seems snappier when you do a fresh install, just do some web browsing with IE for a couple of days and you will see that snappy feeling disappear when your system gets bogged down by ad-ware and other goodies that come in uninvited. :D

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    I have Norton, Ad Aware and something else my friend recomended. I'm very interested to see if slow down does happen - I use XP at work and it's horribly slow but could be because of our network. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll switch? No no! Joke!

    Anyone got any ideas on why the redirection of sound doesn't work?
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    Hm so I'm curious as to how this sound problem would work with headphones, especially on the iMacs. Is it annoying? If you use your headphones at a reasonable level, are the speakers still loud? There's got to be a way to disable the internal speakers without disconnecting a wire :)
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    As stated above it's a driver issue with the sigmatel driver, the XOM/onmac folks had a different issue.

    No sound from the internal speakers at all.

    Maybe one could install those drivers instead if you don't want the internal speakers on.


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    I will certainly give this a try and post my findings later...
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    Ummm. I think installing XP has fried my brains. My external speakers work! Haha. Eee man. Sometimes I wonder...
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    I've got the same problem and have tried all you've done. But I still can't hear sound... The PCI Device can't install :(
    I've an iMac 20" Core Duo

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