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Xserve G5 Released

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jan 6, 2004.

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    Apple updated the Xserve today to 2.0GHz G5 models.

    The new models are either single or dual 2.0GHz G5s with Dual Gigabit Ethernet, up to 8GB of DDR SDRAM with ECC.

    Xserve updates have been long overdue and have been anticipated since the release of the PowerMac G5s.
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    finally - if you look on the xserve page... there's a little peak about xgrid... but the link to that page doesn't work yet :(... the new servers look sweet though -



    <from apple.com/xserve/cluster>
    Xgrid, new software from Apple’s Advanced Computation Group, is one of many solutions for Mac OS X that make managing a supercomputer as easy as Macintosh.
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    Powerbook G5

    I can just hear new PowerBook G5 rumors cropping up now that the G5 has made it into this 1U form factor.
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    let the duels start :p

    the duel 2.0 ghz ;)

    hehe - he ll duel all those overpriced shiity x86 servers.

    sun - u are gone? ;p (they produce crappy x86 servers afaik)
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    G5 Dual Workstation/Desktop Rev B

    we can only hope that the mac rumors buyers guide isnt completely wrong this time and apple releases new versions of the desktop system within feburary and march.

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    graphics cards?

    I always wanted to get a dual G5 xServe for a workstation, but, I'm not certain that there are any good graphics cards that will work with the PCI-X. Anybody have any ideas?
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    Re: graphics cards?

    The only cards you will find are PCI or AGP and soon PCI-Express.
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    Xserve vs. Power Mac Memory Pricing

    The price difference between 2GB memory and 8GB memory on the Dual 2GHz Xserve is $1300; on the Dual 2GHz Power Mac it is $3900.

    Right Hand, meet Left Hand.
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    Sun Baked

    Looks like they deleted a PCI/AGP slot and a drive module, but the addition of ECC memory and the G5s should balance it quite nice.

    Interesting to see the trio of SATA drives on the K2 controller this time around (the old ATA drives were PCI-to-ATA bridges), while the dual gig ethernet controllers take residence on the main PCI bus.

    Of course this dual ethernet config frees up a PCI slot.

    But the XServe now requires a PCI video card...
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    I was just thinking this.

    If Apple has found a way to cool all those 2ghz G5 processors in such a tiny enclosure, then how long can it be before we see G5 iMacs and powerbooks?

    I love my G4 Powerbook, but it is awfully tough these days to advise that over a new iBook.
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    Xgrid information is available on the Advanced Computation Group page.
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    It should be "dual" (as in two) instead of "duel" (as in a fight). Unless the Xserve is pitting the two processors against each other...
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    Well, did Steve mention if those two new blow-holes shoot fire or not? :cool:
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    Cooling is still a major issue...until they put some huge vents in PowerBooks to match the Xserve. ;)
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    Yeah, I wouldn't want those 7 FANS in my PowerBook!

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    And remember, its not fans in the XServe but BLOWERS :)
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    I wonder if these are as loud as the Hoover serve G4's. :D

    Anyway, I'm glad Apple has finally released an update Xserve. Even though our company already has an older model, so we're not in the market for a new one. The XRaid looks cool too. I can imagine as a video editor having that kind of storage... one can dream right?
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    90 nanonmeter G5

    That's right, the new XServes use the 90nm G5. I lifted this link off of arstechnica forums

    XServe PDF
  19. iPC
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    Re: Xserve vs. Power Mac Memory Pricing

    1GB ECC stick (Micron) goes for $212 and up on pricewatch. That is $1696 worth of memory, minimum. Maybe this is the first sign of Apple pulling their collective heads out when talking about RAM pricing....?
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    I would like to see Pixar buying a bunch of those...
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    quote: I would not like those 7 fans in a powerbook..

    In fact, the tech. says there are 8 fans (blowers)

    The 2 holes in front are NOT blowing fire,.. they are suckholes (pardon for the language) air is going from front to back..

    And nobody mentioned something about noise!! I mean.. Servers are often used in a closed envirement where noise isn't often a problem. I predict these machines sound like a boeing.. The fans are only 1 u thick.. The ones in the Powermac G5 are more than double in size!

    but still great servers!!
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    not just great servers, awesome ones. And the $3 per GB for the RAID, I've priced servers, as price goes that a jaw dropper! Amazing. Go Apple!
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    First off well done for getting it into a 1U case.

    second: the term 'Blower', usually refers to a super charger on a car. While a hair dryer refers to turbo charging. Take this as you will.
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    Sun Baked

    Silly me, I though blowers were the HVAC air movement equipment.
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    So how does the Xserve compare to the dual 2.0 ghz G5 in performance, in terms of gigaflops?

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