Yay clock app for iPad!

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by leukotriene, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Just wanted to let you guys know there is definitely a clock app on the ipad. It's actually really well designed. Lots of other little UI niceties too that weren't covered in the keynote.
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    So without the clock app was there a way for you to set up an alarm on the iPad previously?
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    Only through 3rd party apps.
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    Ah that sucks
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    I wish they would have added calculator as well. :(
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    Yup! Me too!

    Unfortunately Passbook is missing on my iPad too. Don't laugh, I'd use it!


    Btw I was *this* close to posting screenshots of the iPad clock app, but Macrumors doesn't support the new iOS Safari image uploading.

    I must say it uses some very strange UI actually.
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    Not really major for me, since I been using the stock iPhone apps(Clocks, Calculator, Stocks, Weather, etc) on the my jailbroken iPad 2 for awhile now.

    The Clock alarm is invaluable, since the "Alarm" tone on the iPad is very loud. Nice that they included it stock.
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    Wait till you see it too. It's very nice looking.
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    Print screens? :)
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    That's awesome!! I have missed having the built-in clock app like I've got on the iPhone. Of course, I already have a 3rd party app, but I'd prefer to just have one built-in.
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    Could you give us a screenshot of that?
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