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Yes or No decision problem

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by hawkeye10, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Hi guys! I'm kinda new to programming and I really need help.


    so i keep getting this "Exc_Bad_Access" every time I enter "y"

    Would you like to take your BMI using Meters(height) & 
    Kilograms(weight)? (y/n): y
    Current language:  auto; currently minimal
    I would really appreciate the help guys :D
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    You're passing a char to scanf. What does scanf expect to receive ? Is a char appropriate ?

    Here, I'll give you a strong hint, the appropriate lines in the man page :

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    I'm going to steal from Sesame Street a bit here.

    One of these things is not like the others:

    scanf(" %c", ans1);
    scanf("%lf", &Meters);
    scanf("%lf", &Kilograms);
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    For the future: Go to your project settings, and check what compiler warnings you can turn on. The compiler is able to tell you about the exact kind of mistake that you made.
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    That's why I always compile with -Wall on the command line. Never ignore a warning!
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    Any new code of mine uses "warnings = errors", including analyser warnings. So I _cannot_ ignore any warnings. (And there is quite a high percentage of warnings that are actually serious bugs. It's easy to miss a '&' as the OP did. The compiler can find it if you let it).
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    To the OP's defense I've seen several code sites that are missing what he is missing. He may have been looking off of one of those sites.
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    Considering I've been dragging my ass on a warning for like 3 months on my current project (Something about Class methods being delegates for instance methods not being kosher), I can't exactly go as far as -Wall -Werror :D.

    The worse part is I've fixed the issue by rewriting my Class methods in one class, I just have to do the other that uses the same semantics now. Pure lazyness.

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