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Yet another GPS app needs testing...

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by shortware, Oct 29, 2010.

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    yet another GPS tracking and (offline) mapping app needs testing. I am looking for 5 GEO enthusiasts running at least iOS 3.2.

    The app can handle ridiculous amounts of data, hundreds of thousands POIs, waypoints and hundreds of tracks. The idea is to take all your GEO data with you. Ideal for all outdoor activities, geocaching, camping, traveling and such.

    The app is already in a somewhat mature state (IMO) and it is ready for daily use. And that's what we are looking for. If you are using (or willing to use) a GPS app nearly every day, you are the perfect tester. Additionally the infrastructure (mainly the web site) needs testing and the FAQs need content.

    Please contact me at "sw2mail-betatester AT yahoo.de".

    Cheers, Richard

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