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Yet another thread about how the MBA compares to the iPad

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by petvas, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Firstly let me say that I am sorry for the new thread. I know there are many threads dealing with the above question, but I just felt that I wanted to approach the whole issue from a different viewpoint.

    In my signature you can see my computer configuration. My main computer is a Mac Pro and I also have an iPhone 4 and an iPad. I also have a laptop I use at work (a Windows Dell Laptop...). The iPad covers a very specific gap in my computing needs. When I sit on the sofa I have my iPad and use it to surf the internet, check emails, read RSS feeds and occasionaly play a game or two. I also have it with me when travelling ( I travel a lot by train) and I use it the same way. It has been a great companion so far and I love it.
    The thing is that there are some things that the iPad doesn't do very well, that make me thing about the Macbook Air. I hate Safari on the iPad. I don't like the constant refreshing of pages. I also find it to be not that fast compared to a proper desktop browser. Not having flash is also a disadvantage. I have tried almost all browser alternatives and they all have their issues.
    I was thinking about getting the 11" Macbook Air just for surfing the Internet and checking emails. I know it is an overkill but I am sure it will do the job much better than an iPad.
    I am slowly getting bored of the iPad because of the small issues it has. I also find its performance with iOS 4.2.1 not very good. Many times when switching apps there is a lag and the device isn't as responsive as it was with iOS 3.x.
    While I do appreciate the mobility of the iPad, I think that the Macbook Air can work better for my computing needs, apart from gaming of course.
    The big question is, should I get the MBA and dumb my iPad, just keep the iPad and forget about the MBA or get the MBA and keep the iPad?
    Something tells me that if I sell my iPad I will be sorry about it very soon. On the other hand having the MBA is very tempting and I certainly love the design and the hardware. I know it is an overkill to have both, so what do you think?
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    Sell the iPad. Buy a laptop.
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    Get the MBA and try it out for 14 days. As you're from Germany, there won't even be a restocking fee. During that 14 days, you should be able to decide what device suits better for your needs. If you don't get into the MBA, you can return it for a full refund. If you find that MBA does everything you need, causing the iPad to be obsolete, then just go ahead and sell the iPad, or keep them both if you find use for them.
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    That seems to be a good idea. I am thinking of getting the 11" model with 1.6Ghz CPU and 4GB RAM. That totals 1329€
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    I went ahead and placed an order for the Macbook Air 11" with 4GB RAM and 1.6Ghz processor. It should be here by Tuesday. I am excited about it and curious to see how it will fit into my life and computing needs.
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    Tuesday?!?! :eek: I had to wait 1.5 weeks to get my 13" MBA! Freaking UPS :p

    Anyway, congrats of your purchase!
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    Where did you order from if I may ask? Last thursday (3 feb) I ordered a maxed out MBA 13" from the online Apple Store (with education discount) and it is estimated to arrive either the 15 or 16 feb. I'm from Denmark btw. :)
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    I ordered it from the Applestore in Germany. It has supposedly 24 hours delivery time. We will see :)
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    Here is the status of my order:

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    I've also been curious if a MBA + iPad is redundant or not..
  11. Bakari45, Feb 6, 2011
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    Petvas, I started a similar thread and wrote an article about the Air and the iPad. (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1079190&highlight=)

    I would say keep your iPad if you're using it for reading PDFs, ebooks, and surfing the net and other things in bed or on your couch. I have both devices, (plus a Mac Pro) and I use both for specific purposes (iPad mainly for reading; the and Air mainly for extending writing.)

    My idea is that Apple should combine the two devices into one whereby it runs both iOS and OS X. See link to that article in my signature.

    I really like the Air, but it can't be held and used in the same way the iPad can, so I keep both.
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    I had the iPad 16gb sold it, got the MBA 11.6 don't regret it at all... Best move eveR......
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    I have this configuration and I just love it...:D
    I actually went into the Apple Store to get an iPad but after playing around with the 11" Air, I changed my mind and bought the Air...haven't had a regret since...:)
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    I bought the iPad on day one and used it heavily. But after buying my 13" MBA I basically stopped using it. It is a little more cumbersome of course but has essentially no limitations. I even find it quite good for reading Kindle books. Maybe I'll buy iPad 2 but its not looking too good right now.
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    That is what I am also afraid of :)
    The only thing that I would miss are the nice games, but I don't play that much anyway. I guess we will see how it goes.
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    So I got my MBA today and I am still setting it up. So far I am extremely happy with the speed, the design and the screen. The laptop is also very quiet.
    Something tells me that I won't be touching the iPad in the next days. Of course it is a different kind of device and serves another purpose, so I will think about it before selling the iPad.
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    I jumped on the tablet band wagon hard. Bought Ipad first week and solt it for a Exopc (windows 7 tablet). Haven't touched it since I got the air, even though it does everything the Ipad didn't (flash,full browser, anything that ran on windows). Anybody know someone that wants a Win7 tab let me know.
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    So I have been using my Macbook Air since yesterday and I think I can now safely make my first comments on the whole iPad vs MBA thing.
    The main difference between the devices is the form factor and that also governs how and when a device will be used. For example, I am sitting now on my bed in the hotel room I currently am and I find using the iPad much more convenient than the MBA. the reason? The form factor. I am writing in fact this post with my iPad. Of course the usage scenario is important. If I wanted to create sth, for example a document I would take the MBA in my hand and use it to create the document. I wouldn't use the ipad since I have an MBA. I enjoy the mobility the Air provides, but I also like the tablet form factor and I can see me using both devices in different situations. Of course I can also say that I will be using my iPad less now, as I will also be using the Air for more advanced things.
    Another thing to consider is the battery life. I don't know under which situations the Air can achieve 5 hours of battery life, but until now I had between 3-4 hours. That is not bad and I am sure it will get better as I calibrate the battery, but compared with the iPad it is too low.

    Web browsing is also much better on the Air but when lying in bed I cannot hold the Air as I hold an iPad and surf the Internet. When sitting on the couch though, or when chatting in Msn, I prefer using the Air.
    I can see me using both devices and I find a place for both, even if I know deep down that having both is maybe too much, since I also have a windows laptop from my company. Anyway, that were my first thoughts. I will be posting updates as I believe this comparison interests a lot of people.
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    Eventually, Apple is going to combine the devices into one, similar to the Dell has done with the Inspiron duo. I’m a not techno expert, but it seems to me that an Apple device can be built that runs both the iOS and OS X. It might be a little bulkier, but for those who want the best of both worlds, such a device would probably sell. Sometimes I feel a little awkward using both devices almost at the same time, though clearly the iPad is my device of choice ebook and other digital-based reading.
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    As a media consumption device the iPad is better. The problem is that there is a lot of overlapping functionality between the iPad and the Macbook Air, so each one in the same situation as me, has to think about if he/she can afford the luxury of the two devices and then decide to keep both or sell one of them. I am on the fence of selling my iPad, as from the moment I got the Air I have been using it much more than the iPad.
    I am still not sure if I will sell the iPad as it has been a great companion the last 8 months.
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    I think the iPad is redundant if you already have MBA - particularly the 11-inch as far as "less is more" goes. There is better screen real-estate on the MBA, however.

    But of course - if you have very special needs, such as dev work on a tiny form-factor computer, while you also strongly need for a touch-screen slate, this justifies having one of each.
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    ...my iPod touch and 11" MBA are a great combo!

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