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"You do not have enough access privileges to sync this iPod"

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Ivan P, Apr 10, 2009.

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    Ivan P

    Hey guys,

    Starting a few hours ago I've had a really odd iTunes syncing problem. Whenever I connect my iPod it's coming up saying "you do not have enough access privileges to sync your iPod".
    I did a search and people seemed to only suggest reinstalling iTunes, making sure you have an admin account, and restoring the iPod. I've tried all of that (by default I have always had an admin account anyway).
    I'm trying to sync with my MacBook Pro and before several hours ago I had been having absolutely no problems with it before...

    Any ideas?
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    I wish I had some advice for you. That seems like a pretty unique problem. I would suggest doing a permissions repair and see if that helps.

    applications --> utilities --> disk utility --> repair permissions
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    Hmm.. try this. Make sure your iPod allows for Disk Use. Go to your desktop, select your iPod and hit Command+I. Scroll down to Sharing & Permissions. Click the "+" sign (unlock the lock, if you have to), choose your User name and click "Select". Now, click the little gear next to the "+ -" boxes, and choose "Apply to Enclosed Items". Then try to sync again in iTunes.
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    Ivan P

    Its an iPod touch so it doesn't allow disk use :p

    I think I found thbe problem though. I was moving my data between my iMac and my new MacBook Pro, and for some reason the permissions on some image folders were changed. This included my iPod folder that I store all the photos that I sync the device so, of course, my iPod didn't have permission to sync said photos, thus canceling the sync. I stupidly started another restore, so I'm just waiting for that to finish to see if disabling the photos will work :)
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    Ivan P

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    An update, I got it to sync finally, turned out it was indeed the photos, all I had to do was copy them into a new folder and delete the original....so for anyone that encounters this, try moving any of the folders that sync to your iPod. If you're asked for a password at all, that's the problem

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