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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by krewelement394, May 30, 2010.

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    Hi everyone! i love seeing people's customized macBooks. it is very fun to see their personalities shown by their macbook's outer look. i like to personalize my macbook too! please post your personalized macbooks here! i want to customize mine but need some ideas. (by the way i am referring to the outside of the macbook) such as skins, shells and or vinyl stickers! thanks!
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    Here's mine

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    Well, I would post a picture, but I think it might be against the rules :eek:. Because it says F**k with the apple as the U. And it looks like its flying I guess. :eek:
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    I've seen this a lot and I love it! Very tempted to get it for mine.

    How easy is it to remove? And if you do remove it, can you put it back on again? - Like, stick it back onto the surface material it was shipped with?
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    i am going to get the one with green lantern, he is my favorite super hero. unless i see other ones i like:)
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    I never tried to remove it yet but I don't think it would stick again after being removed.
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    Here's mine:


    Got a lot of compliments on it. Everyone loves it.
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    that is awesome. i love the blues brothers, and that may be the skin i get when i get my MBP
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    Thanks :)

    I'm a huge fan as well. A bit of an obsession really :p

    I got it off ebay for around $8 i think. They came on the same backing paper so i just separated them and voila!
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    This is what i want
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    wow this one is differ:) i havent seen a wooden skin on a macbook :)

    i have been looking at this site:

    they seem to have plenty of neat ones!:) i think the snow white's revenge is pretty neat and funny:)
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    It's a bit simple compared than the ones above, and probably not as exciting, but I've seen some people's MacBooks/MBPs/MBAs with different coloured skins and a filter to make the Apple logo shine a different colour, which is pretty cool.

    I love the skins! I think I might get one. I definitely need a case or bag of some sort for it, the box it came in is getting pretty battered :)
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    I was close to doing that to my old White Macbook. Unfortunately I think we'll be seeing less and less of these, as the unibody MB/MBP isn't supported. Shame though, cos I agree it looks great!
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    That is a real shame :( I wasn't aware of that.
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    I love mine :p

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    get it on ebay!

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    this one too

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    Best one ever :cool:
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    where are you guys getting these from?
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    Best skin ever!!
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    haaayyy laavvviittt!
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    I want the Family Guy "Evil monkey" in the worst way, but no one has it on Etsy, might look on eBay tonight..
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    #25 many pages to look @ on esty..for laptop lol

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