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Discussion in 'iPod' started by klm9210, Apr 25, 2012.

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    When did you get your first iPod? What model was it? :)

    Me? A white 2GB Nano in 2005.
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    A black 4 gig nano.
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    A silver second gen 2GB nano, about five or six years ago now I guess! I remember when it arrived.. I was ecstatic :)
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    2 gen green nano :) 2006
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    1st gen black nano in 2005, bought with my own money when I was 11. that's what started it all for me with apple
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    3rd generation with the four buttons bought in 2003. I still have it but it's been dead for a few years. It feels like an absolute brick compared to my 5th gen. nano. I've owned two classics, a mini, and a nano and that little 3rd gen. beast was by far my favorite.
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    3rd generation with buttons and red lights. Best iPod ever. Still works but the battery won't hold a charge. I use it almost every day.
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    2nd gen iPod Shuffle 2GB, got it when it came out late 2007. Such a solid little iPod. The following fall, got myself a first gen iPod Touch :)
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    all but final (can we say that yet?) release of the classic, 160gb.

    now just use a shuffle.
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    a 20GB in 2004. :D
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    First gen iPod 5GB (with moving click wheel) in early 2002
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    Well I hafta admit,

    I never did the iPod thing. In my mind, there were tons of competitive products with similar or more storage for a fraction of the price (and usually, more features like FM radio). So my first iPod was my iPhone 4 32GB I got in 2010!

    That said, I really do like the accessory market, compatibility and integration with everything, and how much better it plays with iTunes, et al. Definitely the best mp3 player out there, but it took them adding a smartphone into it to finally sell me. That kind of a feature is hard to look past :cool:
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    A blue 8GB iPod Nano 4th Generation. It was a gift for Christmas 2008.

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    iPod Mini 2nd Gen 4GB in blue, paid £2 for it :D

    :apple: iPhone 4S 32GB White, iPad 3 16GB Black, iPod Video 5.5G 30GB Black, iPod Mini 8GB CF Mod, Shure SE 425's :apple:
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    A white 5G 30gb iPod Video. Got it in January 2006.
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    2nd generation iPod touch was my first. It started my downward spiral into the Apple universe. Now almost every piece of tech I own has an Apple logo on it. :p
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    My first iPod was a 2nd gen touch. I then moved to a zune after getting mine stolen. Then a 3rd gen touch followed by and 4th gen touch then a second gen nano. Finally the iPhone 4.
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    nano 4 gen, in early fall '08. I bought it in the green, because I have a weakness for green in general. I was pretty happy with the color...until the next generation came out and the lineup included a gorgeous, dreamy emerald green that was *exatly* my favorite shade of green :eek:

    It burned, but I got over it quick because I knew I had gotten mine when I honestly needed it, not just as a random whim - my ancient little creative Muvo from like '04 had finally given up the ghost :p Of course, it could be that what made the biggest difference was the brand new iphone that was in my pocket and piping music in my ears when I saw those new ipods :p

    But I didn't stop using the ipod, it actually turned into he perfect setup because I began to use the ipod for hooking into my sound system at home (and in the car for road trips) so even though I got my iphone when my ipod was still fairly new, I still got tons of use out of the ipod. Still am!
  19. TG1
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    Blue first-gen 4 gb iPod mini. :)
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    30 GB black iPod Video, purchased in December of 2005, and still in fairly regular use. The battery only lasts a few hours now, but I mainly use it docked in my speakers in my kitchen, so not too big of a deal.
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    1st Gen iPod Touch. A friend I used to play poker with had got it for Christmas and didn't want it, so I bought it on a whim.

    I used the heck out of that thing. It was really my introduction to how Apple did things.
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    Jessica Lares

    3rd generation 10GB white iPod with the clickwheel and red buttons. I love it so much still. :)
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    Same, mine is an usable brick now but it is still in my possession. :D
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    We bought 2 iPods on the same day.

    A 512MB shuffle 1st gen for me and a 6GB mini 2nd gen for my wife.
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    30gb iPod Photo I believe it was called, back in 2005. I lost it a couple of years later though.

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