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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by YS2003, Oct 14, 2006.

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    What types of pens do you use on the daily basis? I use PDA/ball point combo pen, wacoms, Cross pens, and PDA styluses (for writing on PDA, not on paper).

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    Anything by Montblanc. I have several around my desk.

    Fountain pen, roller ball, ballpoint, pencil even a highlighter.

    Great pens, good quality and last forever!

    And so it goes......
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    Are you serious?:eek:

    You want photos of pens and pencils?
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    In the time-honored MR tradition, I went over-board. I looked around for the picture forums and I have not seen the pictures of your pens/writing equipment so far. This thread was not meant for those plastic BIC pens and similar ones you can buy by bulk.
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    They won't let me near anything else.

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    If your only allowed 3 crayons, I'd ditch the green and go for a blue one!
  7. Lau

    Top to bottom:

    Pentel Sign Writer felt tip
    Groovy two ended felt tips
    Chinagraph pencils
    Whsmith's own colouring pencils (water soluble)
    Good old school pencils
    Parker Gel pen.

    I actually really like wax crayons for sketching, but they must be Crayola. :cool:

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    I like the idea of this thread. Oh, and YS - please post more pictures of your desk (those ACDs look gorgeous).

    My pen, a LAMY something. Guess why I chose the aluminim version :cool:
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    i use Pilot's G2-07 pens and Bic's basic mechanical pencil. i also have a Sharpie permanent marker nearby.
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    When I have to use a pen for filling out a form or signing something, it's a plain old blue Bic Crystal pen. Otherwise, I use pencils exclusively, and the only brand that I'll buy is Staedtler. :)

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    Green (or teal) Uniball Vision.

    Nice, non-scary grading pen.

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    This has been my most used tool this semester....stupid drafting classes... :eek:

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    I wish I could take macros, but my Exilim is no good... plus I know squat about photography.
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    I use a Montblanc Meisterstuck rollerball and mechanical pencil pretty much on a daily basis. I also have a fountain pen from the same series, but never use it. If anybody is interested in pictures, I might be bothered to grab my camera and take some photos :rolleyes:
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    I just use free company pens. I take about 20 to last me for a couple of months
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    Here you go


    Its the newton stylus :)

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    this is completely pathetic
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    Nothing like a Fisher AG-7 Space Pen.

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    Folks, it seems this thread can be a good show case for a macro shot. I tried to take a good shot with Canon 100 mm Macro; but, I ended up with blurry pictures.
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    Why? Everyone knows green > blue:p

    Seriously I actually had to momentarily think why you would want a blue instead of green. Silly, silly me.
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    Kinda pointless to take pictures, but I can tell you what I use:

    Pilot G2-07 Pens (black, red, blue, green)
    Bic .07mm Mechanical Pencils
    Sharpies - the click version - I have the multi-color pack...that's what happens when you're a recording engineer and have an OCD of labeling recording consoles pretty intensely :-D
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    I've been using the same pencil since my senior year in high school... which makes it about 21 years old now. :eek:

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    I have the exact same problem.
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    I realised that I don't actually own any ballpoint pens I bought myself. They have all been pens that I've picked up at shows or pens I get sent through promotions and stuff.

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