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Your thoughts on QT/Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by trainguy77, Jul 24, 2006.

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    What do you think about QT? Is it better then Java? Is it worth writing in if you already know C++? How well does QT apps run on OS X?
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    QT is?
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    QT is a C++ environment that lets you compile your applications for almost any platform without the need for any porting. And without any environment needed on the end machine(like java needs)
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    I recently tried this and, while my knowledge of C++ is not exactly that great, I found it to be pretty un-Mac like. It seems to support many things including sheets but other things remain totally foreign in the interface. I think you will get similar results to Java Swing or SWT using QT. So competing with the Cocoa apps out there will not be easy.

    Google Earth for the Mac is the only app that I can think of which uses QT.
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    If you need cross platform then use QT by all means but if you don't then use something else that looks more native.
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    Parallels is a Qt app also.
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    I have started to use Qt a lot lately. I work under some professors of mine doing a lot of work for the med center. We've recently been doing visualizations in OpenGL. Me and my co-worker are assigned to this project. He uses Linux (XUbuntu) at home, I of course use a Mac, but our work machines are Windows based. It was obvious we needed a cross platform toolkit. We went with Qt and haven't looked back. So far it's been great and easy to learn. Looks like a native application in whichever OS. If you are going for cross platform I'd say go with Qt. Personally I'm still going to learn Cocoa one of these days.
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    Qt = cross-platform widget library
    QT = QuickTime.
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    Yeup, I second the Qt movement.

    I'm just starting to learn it too and it's so nice to learn given you have some C++ with STL background. They make everything really easy to use.

    I suggest getting a book on it - try the prentice hall one which just came out called "C++ GUI Programming in Qt" - it's really good. I'm half way through now.
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    Just make sure you've read the license conditions - Qt is not free in all circumstances and the license is quite restrictive about starting out developing on a 'free' license and then going commercial.

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