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Your Work SETUP

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by firewizard, Mar 4, 2005.

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    i find that most people spen lots of time at work, :rolleyes:
    how have you customized your work area if you can take a pic of where you work, ill start it off, heres a pic of where i spend 12 hours of my day! :eek: thats if im not out....

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    Is that a big gun next to the chair?
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    yes it is :D
    my sig explains...deployed in iraq....

    hey igary you want to switch thats a great lookin space!
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    No, I'll stay here, thanks. Very grateful there are people like yourself willing to do what others would rather not.

    Stay safe!
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    2 PCs :( :mad: 1 Mac :cool: ;)

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    Sry can't post pics... :cool: Rest assured it's a stinkin Dell tower with a 19" CRT stuffed into cubicle hell.
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    The Mac looks lonely, you should get him some friends :)
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    My set up

    This is my set up at work. I use a G5 as my main computer, and then I have an old IBM 300GL as my spare back up PC to check the presentations I work on and check websites to make sure they're viewing correctly.

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    Our software @ work runs only on windows :mad:
    the second PC is for Autocad, my mac for the best things (Mail, iTunes, MR, RSS, Office (Waiting for iWork), Photoshop) ;)
    I will get a 2nd one in summer ... By now, I'm trying to switch my boss.
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    too bad i work at a retail store and we've got PCs but i can't take any pictures. It always hacks me off that we run PCs because they are always crapping out and the IT desk is full of idiots... so i'm the only one in 3 states that knows how to fix them...
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    I hope that's air conditioned...otherwise it must be like 110 degrees in there...Nice toughbook.
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    sorry for those of you stuck in a cubicle....
    and its got to be even worst living with a pc!

    congrats to those of you with a mac at your work place!
    that had to be a feet in itself.
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    yeah .....no AC, and it is like 110 in here! im surprised these servers still run but we have HD fails all the time...doesnt surprise me but this is better then where it used to be...in a tent and would get flooded out ever time it rained.....that was a nightmare the first time that happened

    and i love this toughbook, even though not to powerful, great for internet(typing on it now) and other small office work.

    sry bout the double post saw this one after i posted above
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    Mike Teezie

    You have my ultimate respect for doing what you are doing. Stay safe.

    Here is my 20" iMac work setup, and my very messy desk (and desktop!):

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    That trolly of comps behind the desk isn't usually there, we've just rolled out a MASSIVE hardware refresh, that's all the old ****. It's gone now thank god.
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    My School Space:

    Oh, right - my school is too cheap to have real computers - only dells with 14" CRTs that dont work and are 6 years old and dont have intenet that were DONATED TO THE SCHOOL last year.

    Luckily, my home setup makes up for that - just that its not a mac :(
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    Here's my messy desk. I don't know how some of you guys manage to keep your work areas so clean. I can't seem to get anything done unless I have my papers scattered all over the place.
    Here is my work G5 with dual monitors and my Powerbook on the side. There's a Dell behind me too for when I need to see things from a Windows perspective.
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    Nice setup!

    And at work as well...
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    i know your pain :p ....just be glad you get apple to play with all day :D
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    I'd love to post a pic of mine, but it's not very interesting at the moment - I've 'borrowed' the LCD and connected it to my Mac, and I also borrowed the mouse and keyboard. So it's basically just an empty table at the moment :rolleyes:
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    I was reading about all the tech behind the scenes in popular science, I'm surrised some of that last in those tems(although one summer my room was above 100 degrees)I heard one of those toughbooks took a bullet and saved someones life. Are there backups for the backup hard drives?
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    the rumor about the toughbook taking a bullet is true....ive heard countless stories, but saw one with my own eyes. during a convoy the front passenger had his toughbook between his thigh and the door, bullet came through the door and into the toughbook his leg fine, not even a bruise. :) the toughbook was unusable afterwards :(
    ive also seen these toughbooks run over by 7tons, humvees, and even a tank once(screen got cracked on the last one) but still usable. :D

    and yes we back up to harddrive as well as tapes.
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    They seem amazing those Panasonic laptops.
    But in the entire IT department do you or other people use mac's for anything :confused:
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    yeah i wish the marine corps bought macs....the marine corps is a firm believer in dell :eek: :mad:
    there are only 4 toughbooks on this base, im lucky enough to have one of them :D
    i have yet to see a single person with a mac out here.....cant wait to get back to mine, im counting down the days 26 till im back in the states :D :D

    and the other IT guy i work with he thinks macs used to be dos and just recently copied windows so they can make money :rolleyes: thats a twice daily argument!

    i have introduced the mac to some ppl here but im still trying to introduce most to the whole computer idea :rolleyes:
    remember most marines arent the brightest of the bunch :p

    are there any other work setups, kinda interested in where others make there money....

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