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YouTube App Updated With Continuous Playback and Search-While-Watching Features

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 20, 2013.

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    YouTube has updated its iOS app with new support for continuous, touch-free playback of playlists as well as a new picture-in-picture mode that allows viewers to keep watching a video while still browsing through search results or the rest of the app.
    The YouTube app also has a new logo. It's a free download for the iPhone and iPad. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: YouTube App Updated With Continuous Playback and Search-While-Watching Features
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    No HD on 3G.......
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    I wonder if the stutter is fix and if we can regulate HD or non-HD on video quality when we are over cellular networks? That is the reason I stay with m.youtube.com because of that HQ feature.
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    Downloaded the update, and it locked my iPhone 5 running the latest iOS 7 beta, with a black screen, but with the top bar (time, etc.) updating. DFUd to get out of it. Yay!
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    Did not have that issue here.
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    Love the new features! The gestures are really fluid. So glad Apple dropped YouTube in iOS 6! Now if only we can force HD so videos don't randomly drop quality even though the connection is fine...
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    You still cant continue playing a video when you are not into the app or download a video and watch it offline... no thanks... i will stick with superior proTuber!
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    But still no background audio? No ability to configure video quality based on connection speed or device video resolution? Fail.
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    No background audio sucks, but at least in iOS 7 youtube videos played in Safari can be played in the background now.
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    This is really nicely done. Very smooth, fluid and above all useful.
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    Still no background audio :'(
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    The search-while-playing is pretty laughable on the tiny iPhone screen. As though Google wanted mock me with my tiny iPhone :D
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    Just updated the app and it didn't remember my login from the previous version, so I tried to login to my account and I get an authentication error message each time I try to login. I've killed the app and reopened and restarted my iPhone but to no avail, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    How?.. when i play a video it auto goes on full screen. No background audio on safari.
  15. Eminemdrdre00, Aug 20, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2013

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    Why is everyone asking for background audio? Isn't that what Pandora, Spotify, or MP3 versions of your favorite podcasts are for?
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    Still no background audio, you can't check your inbox messages on YouTube, and you can't reply to comments...
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    You're right, you can't listen and browse in Safari. But you can exit out when it's playing. It'll automatically pause, and you can go to the control center to resume the audio.
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    Cool I guess but why the under the wraps logo change? They should at least change their web logo as well.
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    No updated icon on my end. iOS 7 beta 6

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    I love how it fits in with the look of iOS 7 :)
    A bit cramped for older iPhones though.

    Great improvements none the less.
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    Small White Car

    Yes, but never underestimate people's abilities to jury-rig free systems out of something and then get annoyed when the company doesn't cater to their fringe money-avoidance plans. (Since, you know, there's no money in it.)
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    Liking the minimised video whilst browsing on the iPad. Kind of redundant on my iP5 though. And I think the new YouTube icon is my first ios7 era flat icon :)

    Otherwise the same YouTube app I've loved since Apple dropped the first party one. I'm happy at least.
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    I think the biggest flaw in the Youtube app is its terrible handling of quality playback. For example, for some reason it defaults to HD even though I'm on a slow connection, thereby pausing the video every 3 seconds. 3rd party youtube apps let you select the quality and avoid the horrible pause and load effect.
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    True, but the shading on the app icon looks bad on iOS 7. It should just be all one shade of red.
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    Sounds nice. What's that? Oh, it's from Google...no thanks!

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