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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ajiuo, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Looks like yoitube has made the first step towards ios7

    New icon and new white ui.

    The Red shadow under the icon is kind of ugly.. But a good start :)

    Angry Tube is still much better.

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    Side bar

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    Me likes it!

    But I prefer how Apple makes the top bar (carrier, battery, etc.) is the same color as the app navigation bar.
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    Apps cannot release updates using the new iOS 7 API's until iOS 7 is officially released.

    I'm betting most apps will take advantage of this once they can.
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    Guarantee you run their build through ios 7 sdk it will look like garbage.
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    Makes sense.

    Still, good to know developers are starting to update their apps. From what I've seen in some design sites (Dribble, deviantArt), many designers are liking the "flat" concept of iOS7.

    Now I'm just missing Whatsapp, Things and Twitter to change their apps. They look ugly alongside all the Apple icons, which I've actually come to like a lot.
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    Its not totally updated.. I think they are just laying the groundwork..

    The keyboard and status bar obviously can not be updated yet.

    This isnt stopping google from updating the non standard elements and icon though

    Also has a cool new feature with shrinking video window while browsing
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    Icon rubbish.

    Google has done this "3D ing" of all their app icons. I hate it. I remove any app from my home screen that does this. Hopefully the flattening of the iOS will change things. I have heard developers think it makes their app stand out but this has the opposite effect for me.
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    All the apps can change the icon, but I think they want to wait until iOS 7 is released so the icon change reflects the app change.
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    You missed the most important part of the update. You can now watch a video while searching for another!
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    Still no background audio :'(
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    I posted that in my last comment :)


    Angry tube looks a lot nicer.. Backgrounding, add blocking, and video downloading as well.. Plus it has a flat icon :)
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    Oh fine! :)
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    This makes me sad, I miss it so much.
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    I'm loving what Google is doing to their apps. To be honest, I even love their UI for the Google+ app!


    That was the best feature of the native YouTube app!
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    Google is going in a very good direction with their UI. Much better than what we saw back in 2010 and even 2011.
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    Google has no clue how to make good apps, if you go to the video history the app kind of hangs and if you scroll down the app hangs
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    Also I have no problem with Google's "3D" icons...but they look weird in iOS 7 compared to iOS 6
  20. rovex, Aug 20, 2013
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    Still can't choose resolution playback??

    Or volume toggle??
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    Pro Tuber > YouTube app.

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    I like it. But what I don't get is they've ditched their iconic logo for the icon. That doesn't make sense.
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    Definitly loving the update, still wish I could control playback quailty over cellular network
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    Redtube, wait what? :D
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    Still no sharing in iOS 7

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