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ZeptoLab Previews 'Cut The Rope: Time Travel'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 11, 2013.

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    ZeptoLab today previewed the third in its Cut the Rope series of games, this one called Cut the Rope: Time Travel. The company didn't include any details on the new game beyond this teaser trailer, but it's likely to incorporate some sort of time shifting mechanic.

    The other two games in this series, Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope: Experiments, both became bestsellers on the App Store and won multiple gaming awards. ZeptoLab's most recent game, Pudding Monsters, was less successful.

    Our sister-site TouchArcade has this to say about the Cut the Rope games:

    Article Link: ZeptoLab Previews 'Cut The Rope: Time Travel'
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    inb4 the complaining about a company trying to make money by releasing a new version of a game.
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    YES! HOW DARE THEY! Making a product I love and enjoy, then asking me to give them a dollar or TWO! for hours of game play and free levels.... corporate greed to the extreme! All they care about is money... and their scheme to get it is clever mechanics, fun simple all ages storyboard, and solid programming...
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    Same deal with Apple... every second person complains about device specific features in iOS. They seem to be forgetting the fact that the upgrade is FREE. And that without customers buying new devices, the company would not be able to release new OS updates anyway as Apple wouldn't have the funds to do so. People need to think.
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    The hidden star is right behind the time machines when it drops to the floor. It's tiny and on the shelf.
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    Time travel...this one is going to be great!

    If it's anything like the Burger King Cut the Rope Time Travel online game, it's going to be an awesome game....I hope they keep the characters and themes from that promotion. Having to feed TWO Om Nom's really adds to the fun...I will gladly pay for another Cut the Rope series. :D
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    looks very fun
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    Jessica Lares

    Pudding Monsters was good, like I said in the thread when it first came out, but it was too easy. I got all three stars in less than 20 minutes (and I have a hard time with games in general :eek:). It was the main reason it didn't do so well probably. Otherwise it had cute characters and awesome artwork and kept you entertained.

    Looking forward to the new Cut the Rope. I'm sure it'll be as good as the other two.
  9. Quu
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    They .. didn't even show any gameplay. :confused:
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    Damn Nintendo for releasing Super Mario Bros. 3!!!
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    can you elaborate? most probably I'm blind

    I can see plenty of particle stars here & there along the video, but none like the one portrayed at the end
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    See pic

    See pic

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    much obliged, I paused it so may times, but did not see it
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    I'm okay with it as long as they don't split the final one into multiple parts (Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hobbit). That's just greedy.

    I'm just greedy that way.
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    Cut the Rope >Angry Birds. Pretty much the perfect games for iPhone
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    My issue isn't making money but rather that many of the new versions on games are more new level packs than new game play. Like Angry Birds Seasons.not really a new game but just more levels. It should have been an IAP in the original if they insisted on making money off them. Same way I feel that free v ad free should be via IAP and all games should have to be universal although developers could be allowed the option perhaps to make HD assets IAP. Or at least a secondary download like Temple Run Oz did it.
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    I'm all for cut the rope. it's a fantastic game with a loveable cute mascot. But seriously more advertising on this site? Either quit all this advertising, or come clean on why it's all here. So we can understand MR's point of view on why all the advertising is here.

    But all this means nothing if it falls on deaf ears.
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    Damn Nintendo for not releasing it on the iPad. MB/SMB 1-3 are classics and would sell like hot cakes to the nostalgia crowd.


    Is not as bad as CoM where they have reviews that sing the praises of stuff and then you realize it's a paid ad spoofing as a column with no warnings
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    Is not as bad as CoM where they have reviews that sing the praises of stuff and then you realize it's a paid ad spoofing as a column with no warnings[/QUOTE]
    What is CoM? A web search was not helpful. :confused:
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    Sort of off topic...does anyone know if they make an actual "Cut the Rope" candy? I'm not usually into buying game merchandise, but I'd be curious what it tastes like.

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    Combine butterscotch and peppermint in your mind.
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    I want to combine it on my tongue. Seems like an easy merch idea for the company.
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    Loved the original. Bet I'll love this one too.
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    It always looked like a Campino to me.
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    see also: Pokemon

    As long as nintendo is in the hardware business I'm not optimistic though.

    I bet smash brothers could work as well.

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