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10.7.3 release

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by TheDaveKnight, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Does anyone have a reasonable estimate of 10.7.3 release date?

    If it is not imminent I will get Lion now.
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    They seem to average 2-3 months between maintenance releases. 10.6.3 was release 7 months or so after Snow Leopards initial release. That would put 10.7.3 around February, unless there is some pressing bug that Apple wants to fix.

    However, with 10.7.2 including the initial release of iCloud, I would bet on something before Christmas. I would think they would want to iron out any bugs before the holiday explosion of new users.
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    That's a new one. Waiting for a particular maintenance release? Just get Lion, enjoy it, and update when you can update.
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    From using it, I can tell you it's definitely not close to ready yet.
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    I don't believe it is imminent but apple is working on 10.7.3
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    I had to fight very hard not to bite at that line lol:D
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    It's "definitely not close to ready" does not define a problem. What are your issues?
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    Are you asking this from the OP who wanted to know about a 10.7.3 release date or the poster with developer access who has been doing some work with one or more of the 10.7.3 "xxxx" builds.

    You really can not publicly discuss issues with the builds without risking losing developer access. It is really not hard to request developer access either for anyone looking hard to get their hands on 10.7.3 in a legitimate manner.
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    What difference does it make? If you get Lion at 10.7.2, the update to 10.7.3, when it is released, is free and simple. There's no reason to wait for a particular release. If you wait for 10.7.3 to buy Lion, why not wait for 10.7.4? The point is, there will always be another release in the future. Just buy what you need, when you need it.
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    Screw 10.7.3.

    Where is 10.6.9? :D
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    Mr. Retrofire

    Here. ;-)
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    agree, Where is 10.6.9?
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    If you buy a new Mac with Lion you will likely not have an issue, those upgrading from Snow Leopard and older machines are the ones who are seeing the majority of problems. 10.7.2 is stable and I have not seen issue with the 3 new Mac`s in the house, My old MBP (4.1 2.4Ghz) will remain on Snow Leopard.

    If you dont like the look and feel of Lion that is another thing ;) bottom line buy now.
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    I'm enjoying 10.6.8 so much I have no plans to migrate to anything else.

    Lion that came on my 13" MBA is OK, but there's nothing to compell me to abandon Snow Leopard at this point.
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    Lion... (shakes head).

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