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10.7 New Wallpapers..Opinions

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by rmbrown09, May 15, 2011.


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  1. rmbrown09, May 15, 2011
    Last edited: May 17, 2011

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    I think the wallpapers 10.6 brought were awesome. Full of diversity, color, really cool images I would readily switch between.

    Lion has brought a host of new wallpapers, but I don't particularly like very many. I think they are just kinda bland. I understand the whole sahara, savannah thing with Lion but I still feel that they could have thrown in some cooler ones.

    Hope we get some changes before the public release.

    I do like this one very much however

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    Or if they'd let you download your own from the internet and use those instead. That'd be nice.
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    Yeah, I bet people won't buy it because of the wallpapers. :rolleyes:
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    who cares. I use my own wallpapers anyways.

    Besides, nothing compares to the wallpapers provided by apple back in the os8/os9 days. Now those were cool wallpapers :D
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    The wallpapers they put in are incredibly deep and emotional, and that is what the new Apple is going for. They're marketing towards people's emotions. You look at all the older wallpapers, they all looked very cool (the OSX walls) or very iconic.

    However, that's not what sells things. You look at the iPhone Facetime commercials, the iPad. There is some serious emotions going on, and I felt incredibly fascinated with what facetime can allow us to do just because of those commercials.

    It's a marketing ploy, and it's an incredibly hard to do marketing ploy. Marketing to emotions such as empathy, sympathy, catharsis and others, how do you do that?

    The new wallpapers have a lot of emotion in them. Every wallpaper screams humanistic approach with a ton of emotions. The soft colors and the peacefulness of each wallpaper show that's where Apple is headed. Even the Lion has an incredibly emotional effect on people.

    So please, try to understand what the designers behind Apple are trying to do, instead of going "I don't like this or that". There are some incredibly smart and tip of the industry people making these decisions.

    We are at a point in society where computing is no longer left to the nerds and the geeks. To the rest of the world, emotions sell things. Hand bags worth $2000 are sold by the kind of emotions that originates from people who use them. Sports cars are bought with passion, not with reason. Apple, being the high end computer dealership, needs passion and emotion to be their forefront of sales, similar to Lamborgini or Ferrari. Computer hardware is at a point where there seriously isn't any difference between different computers (or a big enough difference for people to realistically care that much)

    What sells is the design, the implementation, and the kind of humanistic things that can be drawn out of a product.

    This is why other tablets fail, they aim for the geek market with hardware specs.
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    Hahahahaha. Oh wait, you're serious?


    Very emotional.
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    That fits in the very iconic like I said, they were trying to drive the green movement at the time with all their computers to be environmentally friendly. It's a 2 generation old Leopard wallpaper, which in itself was aimed to be an iconic brand back then.

    Apple has now superseded the computer industry and are trying to push their Macs / ipads / ipods / iphones as post PC devices, using emotion as a driving point. It's purely a marketing drive to change people's mindsets about computers.

    But you clearly don't understand wtf I'm talking about and clearly this thread is a waste of my time.
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    Do you really believe what you wrote? We are talking about wallpapers after all.
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    Have you not seen the latest Apple commercials? They're all in this kind of soft, woddy, homely kind of idea. I work for Apple's rival smartphone maker but I love their computers. So considering what's been thrown at the office, yes I do believe that's what they're trying to do.
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    I just want more cool pictures of lions.

    In 10.6 we had this

    In 10.7 I want the same with a Lion like this

    or maybe


    or something..but more Apple'y
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    make sense, still I don't like them. not my kind of style, too many details that distract me
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    I could go for a Liger desktop.
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    Those are incredibly distasteful and ugly. The snow leopard one is put in because those are award winning and one of the ONLY great recent pictures of snow leopard in the wild.

    The only reason why I put a big emphasis on wallpapers is because nothing ever gets put into production without tremendous thought.

    I know first hand the few wallpapers put into BlackBerry took about a year or so of ridiculous amount of market research, picture research, focus grouping and massive discussions and arguments between people. And in the end, the carriers just slapped their own ****** wallpapers on top of them.

    Every little detail gets scrutinized to the minutest amount when it comes to this kind of stuff. Even the radius of the corner on the iPhone 4 probably took months of design to get right.
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    I went to google images and typed in lion..

    I picked the first one because it was white like a SL
    and teh second because it was the most ridiculous looking lion on the page.. I was not seriously saying use these.
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    You can do that already. Just save the picture and go to system prefs > Desktop & Screensavers.
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    i think they're in line with the last couple of OS X releases that we've seen. not particularly great, but they are tasteful.

    certainly no kind of deal-breaker though.
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    They were being sarcastic ;)
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    Yep, everything is wrong with Lion. Even the wallpapers... :rolleyes:

    Stay with your outdated Snow cat! :cool:
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    ...and if we didn't have The Internet and a thousand sites all offering free wallpapers - then the OP thread would be worth discussing.
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    The point of this thread is not to draw sarcastic comments or flame.

    I am pointing out a simple thing. In the past, wallpapers brought in as the stock images with OSX have been eye catching, something that you would see on the internet and want to have as your background. These new wallappers do not do that so much. They are simple, basic, nothing spectacular. The stock wallpapers an operating system ships with can give it a distinct tone and feel. Whatever Apple had in mind with this new set, I do not quite understand.

  22. PBF
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    epic win


    epic fail

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    I think there's a bit to much "emotion" in this thread lol.
    Personally I like the new wallpaper, love the photography and works perfectly as a background being simple, non cluttered etc.
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    Except I can still run my apps that I need in my "outdated snow cat". I see no features that are show stoppers. Sure it has some nice UI updates that make it more like an iPad but overall there is no killer features, unless you consider finally getting full screen the killer feature. ;)
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    I always use my own photos as wallpapers, I think that's more original. It also forces me to come up with new stuff all the time even if I have no reason. I can always do a shoot "for a new background picture", which is fun.

    However, I think some of the Lion wallpapers are amazing, not just specifically the one with the lion on it, but the landscapes as well. I don't see how they're not as good as the Snow Leopard ones.

    I did like the Leopard and Snow Leopard aurora, although I don't even know what it is. Is that a real photo or a computer generated image?

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