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10.8 All the Little Things!

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by baryon, Feb 16, 2012.

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    In honor of the "10.7 All the Little Things!" thread on the Lion forum, I'd like to start one for Mountain Lion!

    So talk about small details, little things that don't really get mentioned anywhere. Even the slightest change from Lion deserves to be noticed!

    I heard someone say that the Devices list in the Finder sidebar can now be moved back to the top, for example.
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    In Messages if you click the notifications bubble you can reply to an incoming message from it. Hoping that comes to iOS...
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    I heard in a video on youtube that it's going to be a software update, somebody know about that?
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    Some new "Slideshows" for Screen Savers. They are pretty neat.
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    I'm not 100% sure that this wasn't in Safari 5.1 but you can add the address book to the bookmarks bar (I have links to Facebook for each contact for example).
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    I know I've said several times today about the ability to move devices (or shared) to the top of the finder sidebar (finally!)

    Also searching within Launchpad, instant filtering.
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    In QuickLook, there's now a share button, includes Email, Message and one more thing I can't remember (not Twitter though).

    Another thing I found is that using Messages, you can send files over, with no restrictions to certain types of files nor to size (for example, I was able to send the Messages beta dmg to myself over iMessage. It was pretty fast as well).
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    My favourite 'little thing' is probably that safari tabs now sync with iOS via iCloud.
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    OMG, awesome!
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    How does this work?

    I have 6 tabs open in Safari on ML and on opening Safari on my iPad I don't see any of them.
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    I haven't actually installed ML yet, but I read it on The Verge, I'm guessing it will enabled in a iOS update (if it's not already enabled).
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    Yes, Tabs and Document sync aren't enabled yet.
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    how would that work tho? if i have different tabs on 3 different devices open how will it decide which ones to sync or will each device end up with like 9 tabs
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    The second device will already be loading the tabs you had open on the first by the time you put the first one down, I would hope anyway.
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    I've been wondering how the two finger left swipe will work for Notification Center while Safari is in the foreground. Right now the two finger swipe is to go forward a page.
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    Notification Center's swipe has to start from the very righthand edge of the trackpad.
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    -Option to save directly to iCloud from Save dialog in TextEdit (and presumably any app that supports iCloud document syncing)


    -When a document that is using Versions is changed, the "Edited" in the titlebar of the document pulsates blue for a few seconds.

    -"Duplicate" now has a keyboard shortcut: Cmd-Shift-S. When you select Duplicate, a copy of the current document pops out and the titlebar becomes an editable text field, allowing you to enter a new name, hit enter, and be done.


    -Option to show the Displays menu item "Never," "Always," or "Automatically" (presumably only when you have a second display connected)

    -New "Passwords" tab in Safari preferences

    -"Tell websites not to track me" option

    -Option to turn off Google/Bing/Yahoo search suggestions


    -Websites can provide notifications in Notification Center


    -"Display images when the page opens" option (default is obviously checked)

    -Several sharing options when right-clicking on an image on a page: Email, Message, Twitter, AirDrop, and Flickr

    -Ability to rename bookmarks directly in the Bookmarks Bar



    -New "Share" submenu when right-clicking on a file: Email, Message, AirDrop


    -The widgets bar along the bottom for adding new widgets has been replaced with a Launchpad-style picker - including the ability to search.


    QuickTime X

    -Controls remain hidden when the movie is paused
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    They have finally solved the issue that has plagued humanity since the invention of the internet.

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    Oh, the thrill of it all...
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    The new tabs in Safari look like the tabs on the iPad's version of Mobile Safari.

    You can launch Notification Center via a circle with a black dot inside of it, in the menu bar on the far right corner.

    Launchpad icons are smaller

    Location Services are disabled by default. You'll have to reenable them in order to turn on Find My Mac in the iCloud settings.
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    Awesome thread.
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    I hope people can be kind enough to post screen shots for us. :) Particularly that Safari iPad tab new look, it sounds very interesting. Changing over to the Chrome-styled URL address bar is exactly, in my opinion.
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    You can search google right from the safari URL bar. About time!
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    Does finder still have that ugly gray icons in ML? Or is it color again like SL?

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