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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by jojoba, Oct 6, 2012.

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    What are your favourite apps?

    Beyond the 'obvious' ones like DropBox and Evernote and that kind of stuff, at the moment some of the apps I am enjoying are:

    - Retro Camera and Paper Camera - you can do some really cool stuff to photos with these apps.

    - I'm trying out OneCast for podcasts. So far, I really like it. It's simple and very easy to use.

    - Home Switcher - makes it easy to switch between different launchers.

    - trip advisor City Guides - has off line city guides, which gives great travel info while not giving you ridiculous roaming charges.

    - CalenGoo instead of the stock calender. I think so many of the calendars for android are ugly and have a scattered look, but this UI is very nice.
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    One for me that was indispensable is Touchdown from NitroDesk - an email client for exchange servers. The features that this as that some didn't (maybe they do now) is the security policies that many companies require, i.e., encryption lock codes etc.
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    K9 Mail - Running various websites I like to have all my emails in one place.
    Juice Defender - Doubles my battery life
    Cardio Trainer - Tracking my runs
    Dolphin Mini Browser - Great, light weight browser

    Just a few of my apps I cant live without!
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    I use K9 mail, too, I think it's excellent.

    I just downloaded Juice Defender to try it out :)


    I should add SwiftKey. This app is one of the main reasons why I haven't switched from android to iPhone. Makes typing super quick and efficient.
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    Splashtop HD. Mirrors your windows Pc to your phone or tablet. Works very well.

    Twonky, good for streaming videos, music and pics to any server even xbox360, ps3, ATV, etc

    GPS essentials. Cool GPS related stuff.

    Wifi analyzer. Cool wifi related stuff.
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    Or you can just hit the home button with no app.

    Handcent SMS- much better than the stock one.

    Poweramp- Best music player imo.

    Apex launcher- Just dont care for touchwiz

    Audio manager - You think it is just a audio manager when you turn it on but nope..... Hold down on the logo aty the top and it is like a vault to hide stuff (pics, videos, messages, etc) you dont want your wife or girlfriend to EVER find. Not only will they not find it, it also can be password protected. AKA Hide it Pro.

    Gtunes music download- when im looking for certain songs or just a few i go here. I eventually transfer them to my microSD card. I just prefer my music there.

    Tweetcaster- best Twitter app but Plume is good too.

    Friendcaster- app for facebook

    Just to name a few i like
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    How do you have Juice Defender setup? Do you customize it or use one of the presets? I generally don't trust apps like this because I don't want all my radios to be off when inactive.
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    I just use the default settings. Seems to work a treat for me.
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    Excellent, not cheap though. Just downloaded it. Thanks once again.:)
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    Are you using the free one?
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    Not anymore. I was using the free version until they had a sale and offered the pro version for 99p.
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    I just got the ultimate. Any ideas how to get only certain apps to be able to use data when the screen is off? Like whatsapp/mail which I want to get notifications for without any delays while cutting off internet for all other apps when the screen is off. I've selected Customize and configured apps and it says these have precedence over everything else but I just my data still turns off when my screen is off.
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    I use ChompSMS which I really like.

    The Hide It Pro part of your post made me laugh.
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    When I try insert widgets on my screens when using Apex launcher I get a message saying something like "You have to have root permissions to move widgets from the app draw" Anyone know if I am doing anything wrong?


    Just took a screen shot.

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    Hide it Pro /Audio manager is great though. Perfect You should try it.

    Ive never tried Chomp SMS so ill take a look. Ive been using Handcent for 2.5 years.
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    This is a great thread, since reading it I have installed.

    Juice Defender
    Handcent SMS

    All have enhanced my experience with my S3

    One that I use and like now that I have got used to it is Swype.
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    Not sure off the top of my head. I think I chose K9 mail to have access to the interent, then in K9 mail I chose it to check for emails every 20 minutes. So even though the internet is off, every 20 mins it turns it on to check for mail.

    Not too sure with whatsapp.
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    I've tried Swype in the past, but I prefer SwiftKey. It doesn't allow you to swipe your words, though.


    I hand't heard of that one before, I'm going to look at it. I'm pretty happy with Chomp but it's nice to know what's out there.


    I've never seen that - I did try out Apex and had no problems setting up some widgets.
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    Other apps I use:

    Go Launcher - Much prefer this over Touchwiz
    Go SMS - Much better then stock sms
    Fancy Widgets - Great weather app
    Nielsen Mobile (App that sits in the background earning you points you can exchange for gift vouchers. UK only I think)
    Myshiftwork - Great app for managing my shifts

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