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Anybody having problems with MAIL?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by NJRonbo, Mar 27, 2012.

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    So, to better understand my Apple Mail problems under Mountain Lion DP2, here is how my perfectly working email is set up under LION:

    I have a Mac Mail account as a primary account set up under iCloud.

    However, since I have a more prominent email address with Verizon, I send all my mail out through my Verizon SMTP address. Works perfectly.

    You would think that once I upgraded to Mountain Lion DP2, all my settings would successfully translate over to the new Apple Mail and that everything should work.

    Not so.

    I was able to receive my mail fine. Problem was sending. Every time I replied to an email, I got an error about TLS and a port address. Wished I had copied and pasted the entire message.

    Anyhow, went to Verizon Fios' website and made certain I had port addresses correct for their SMTP account, but alas, mail would not send out.

    In the end, I took out Mountain Lion DP2 and restored my drive to Lion.

    It's a shame because DP2 looked to be very stable and all my applications seemed to work fine under it including Photoshop CS2 and Snapz X Pro.

    Anyone have similar problems with email?
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    Did you file a bug report with apple and/or view the discussion forum over there to see if other developers are having that issue?
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    Yes, thus far, no response.
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    Apple doesn't respond back immediately to bug reports and even then, they may not request additional information. I can't answer about the forums but if you've reached out, then you've done all you can to communicate to apple
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    I'm certain of that.

    ...however, just reaching out to the members here to see if anyone had any similar problems or perhaps something I am doing wrong on my end.

    Thanks for the help.
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    NDAs may hamper a number of folks who have ML and will reply, but then again this forum seems fairly active.

    Good luck
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    ML is in its first developer release. It's unavoidable that there will be bugs. It is unwise to change over an essential machine to it; I hope that's not what you tried to do.
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    It was my intention to do just that based on a few success stories I have read with the DP working perfectly.

    In my case, everything worked smoothly for me except for email, which remarkably, did not seem to be an issue for anyone else.

    I did a full backup so I was easily able to restore my system without any problems.
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    I've read the opposite. While very stable for a DP, its not ready for prime time. Safari issues, stability, various app compatibility problems all ensure that this OS is good for testing but I would not recommend in place of your main system for every day usage
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    Guess it proves that mileage will vary.
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    since Mac Mail is apple software im sure they would be working on the problem, correct me if im wrong but wouldnt a DP mean its to preview for developers to test on thing they develop? or are developers suppose to test for other developers as well?

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