Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 3 to Developers

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    Apple today released the third beta of iOS 6, the company's next-generation mobile operating system set to launch "this fall", presumably alongside new iPhone hardware in the September-October timeframe.


    The third beta, which arrives as Build 10A5355d, comes three weeks after the previous developer version of Build 10A5338d.

    We'll update this post with additional information on the new release as it surfaces.

    Users are tracking new changes both in the forum thread associated with this article and in this thread. One key addition observed so far is a new section in the Settings app for Maps, allowing users to change the volume of the navigation voice, set distances to display in miles or kilometers, set map labels to display either in the local language or always in English, and set map label sizes to either "normal" or "large".


    Other changes include:

    - Roadwork and traffic accidents showing up in Maps app
    - Answer and Decline buttons for FaceTime calls have returned
    - iMessage on iPad now accepting phone number as valid contact info
    - Greater 3D Flyover coverage in Maps
    - Glyphs for bookmarks, Reading List, and history in Safari
    - Auto-brightness changes gradually

    Update: Also released today: Xcode Developer Preview 3 and Apple TV Software beta 3.

    Article Link: Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 3 to Developers
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    Installing now...
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    Beta 3, this usually means it's pretty much ready, right? Usually?
  4. bse3, Jul 16, 2012
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    Mine doesn't show it?!

    /Edit: Showed up after reboot.
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    With each beta urge to try iOS 6 rises...
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    Time to try iOS6 I think!
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    Non Developers, are you really going to pay $99 to get iOS 6 early? That seems a bit silly to me. I am just as impatient as anyone else when it comes to new gadgets and software to play with but why pay a hundred dollars now for something that will be free in a couple months...
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    I've seen plenty that do and then they complain when all the features don't work as advertised. People need to understand what a pre-release is. Beta versions will have bugs and other issues. You will have incompatibilities and other problems.
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    We have a ways to go. October is probable.
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    iOS 6 beta doesnt seem to be tied to a dev account, so as long as you can find a working ispw you are good to go

    (not that i'm doing it - i'll wait for the final)
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    they're other ways people can get to use the betas ;)
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    So like how iOS 3 was?
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    It's labeled as "iOS 6 beta 2" in Software Update for me for some reason, but updating anyway.
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    Nope. And we won't see it released until the fall. Like the other iOS updates, it'll be released the day that the new iPhones start shipping. With no new iPhone announced yet, you're going to have to wait a while before we see the full release.

    Examples: iOS 4 was released the day the iPhone 4 began shipping. iOS 5 was released the day the iPhone 4S started shipping.
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    I don't know if it's my Internet connection, but it's not showing up for me yet. I guess I'll wait an hour.
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    Mine says beta 2 also. Oh well, will download it anyway once I get home
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    4S reporting Beta 3, iPad 3 reporting Beta 2 (guessing its a typo) :)
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    Is this correct???
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    I'm excited to learn whether or not beta three fixes the chameleon status bar inconsisies; the color changing could actually look good if it was constant.
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    Not on the developer site yet. Still has beta 2. Wanted to read the release notes first.
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    I haven't been this excited about iOS since introduction of the App Store! Well it's not just iOS I'm excited about. It's the combination of iOS 6 and Mountain Lion and iCloud. First time I will feel like I have a nicely integrated experience whether in the office or mobile between all my computers and devices.

    Bring it on Apple!
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    Try OTA
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    Mattie Num Nums

    Downloading as we speak. Beta 2 was great!

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