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AppleTV's future: iOS

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pdpfilms, Jul 5, 2010.

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    Having had an iPad for a few months now, I can say to me the future of AppleTV is clear...


    With the recent name change, it seems Apple is considering opening the OS up to other devices. And with the rumors of the $99 "screen-less iPhone" AppleTV replacement, it makes sense. Imagine the increased potential of an AppleTV with the new Hulu app, ABC app, Netflix app, etc. While Apple may be having issues licensing TV shows for subscription services on iTunes, it may not be an issue. Networks may follow the example set by Hulu Plus, releasing iOS apps with minimal monthly fees, allowing you to pick and choose your media providers rather than paying for all networks via cable TV.

    Up until now I've always wondered about the viability of iOS on the AppleTV, mainly due to the different input methods required. However, were AppleTV to gain App functionality, I think it is likely the apps would be limited. Of course there's no way you'd be able to play Super MonkeyBall or DoodleJump on your AppleTV, but the aforementioned video apps would work just fine with minor modifications. When compared to the current offerings of the AppleTV, I think an iOS-enabled device would bring much to the table, potentially leading the way in mainstream alternatives to cable TV.

    Just a hopeful rant, I suppose. Do with it what you will.:p
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    Actually - checking the Internet this is the latest up-coming sort of thing:


    and it has a screen. $119. Lots of Apps being developed for it.

    Imagine just a Touch with a permanent dock with video/audio out the back...

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    The perfect input is your iPhone or iPod Touch. Enough said.
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    Problem - won't play back 1080p... ;)
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    it wouldplayback APPLES 1080p "HD" videos fine :D
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    I have one hyphenated word for that:


    (runs and hides...)

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    dont get me started. check out the thread ive been in lately. quite heated!
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    I'm not sure, I'm interested in getting a apple tv but if it goes to the ios I'm worried that I wont be able to play movies and TV shows other then the ones I buy from apple,,,, which is none! I'll hold out for now but thinking I may buy the current one now just incase.
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    That's what the USB ports on the new AppleTV are for... ;)

    No, it has to let you play your own vids at that's what you output from camcorders/cameras/cellphones/etc...

    You can always "rip" a DVD or record a show in that same format and all the unit will see is a standard "videofile"
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    I think an AppleTV running iOS would be very slick.

    We have the current AppleTV and although many are not impressed by it, I absolutely love it. Grant it, I run XBMC on it a lot of the time, but we canceled Cable, and I don't even have a DVD player hooked up to the TV anymore. When we buy a DVD, we immediately convert it and watch it on the AppleTV, keeping the original safe from the kids.

    The AppleTV provides 100% of our viewing, and it works out great. But you can't help but to notice the AppleTV sitting alongside the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in iTunes. It is only natural for the AppleTV to share everything with those, including the Apps. How will they pull it off? I don't know, maybe for things like games you will have to use your iPad or iPhone as the controller, which might be the ultimate wireless controller (games could even have their own custom configurations for buttons - which can't be done on normal game controllers). If the AppleTV does receive an update with iOS, I will definitely purchase one and move our current one into a different room!
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    Remember those pictures we had before WWDC this year of the slate input device (macbook trackpad as a peripheral)? Perfect for those who don't have an iphone/ipad/ipod touch and want to interact with their iOS Apple TV. Benefits over a wireless mouse setup is that you don't need to move it to use it, it stays in one spot (coffee table, lap, wherever) and you move your hands over it.

    Admittedly this doesn't give you any of the gyro/magnet/accel functionality for the apps which use it, but you now have touch screen-esque input on your tv without a touch screen device.
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    Ah! Genius! That would be a great input device for the non-iPhone/iTouch enabled. This was another concern of mine: to require a $200+ i-device as a essential hardware element (the input device) would certainly result in lots of angry customers. But bundle in a $40 touch pad and it just about solves the problem.

    However, that touch pad does have some downfalls, mainly the lack of dispay. Imagine trying to play tap-tap revolution with this setup...
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    Yeah your'e right, no display is quite painful. But at least this way people won't have to be clicking 1000 times with a remote to write a sentence or need a mouse/keyboard combo with their tv.

    Anyway, here's hoping that this is actually the plan!
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    Why run and hide?

    I was just using my ATV, until I got a Blu-ray player, now I only buy Blu-ray disks, until Apple can deliver a product the can deliver the same quality and storage solution my digital library is on hold....
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    I think they'll drop the Apple TV name and re-launch the product as iOS TV. Make it into a combined tv/music/gaming/app platform you operate from a screenless touch pad (the islate?) sitting on your couch and moving things on the tv screen.
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    why does apple have to deliver it? you can already do such a thing with any BD-ROM equipped mac.

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