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Avatar Blu-Ray and Surround Sound

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aj350z, May 6, 2010.

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    Alright i finally ripped Avatar using Make MKV. All fine a dandy. I use a normal Blu-Ray profile in Handbrake to rip to AppleTV. However, i decided to read some forum topics on Macrummors and one of them was on "5.1 Surround Sound and AppleTV" http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=910205

    This got me into looking at how many rips i made that had 5.1

    It turns out i dont have this for Avatar and i would like it. I tried 2 different settings for the audios.

    1) English DTS 5.1 to ACC CoreAudio with Dobly Pro
    2) English AC3 to AAC CoreAudio with Dolby Pro

    Neither of these have worked. Looking for help with anyone that has gotten it to have 5.1 Surround Sound and able to play on AppleTV.

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    Cave Man

    Avatar's primary audio track is DTS-HD. The AC3 5.1 has commentary. You'll need to transcode the DTS core to AC3 5.1. There are ways of doing that describe here in the forum but I'm not able to do it.
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    Clown BD over on the windows side works well for that. It uses eac3to to do the transcoding DTS to AC3. But with out having to know how eac3to works, or how to do it in the command line.
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    oh you cant get DTS->AC3 working? why not? im looking for a way to do it also :(

    oh thanks BigAudio - ill try that on my VM tonight! :)
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    if i had a quick way to transfer the mkv to my GF's windows machine i would do that... however her PC is extremely slow at encoding anything (even basic DVDs)

    With most new receivers would it be a horrible difference between having an AC3 5.1 track compared to a AAC track? Or would this just be a difference in my own ears?
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    I just download Moyea MKV Converter and throwing Avatar thru it. I set it for AppleTV settings and for the audio "aac 6 channel". I am hoping this will work. I will post back if this does since this is an easy UI program for the Mac.

    Has anyone else ever tried this method and got good results?
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    sorry nup id never even heard of it! does it look alright? hopefully it will work for you :)
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    intersting tommy! i shall try both when i have the time. thanks heaps for that!
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    Cave Man

    It won't. AAC 6-channel is 6 discrete channels and you'd need an amp with 6 line-outs to play it. The Apple TV won't, that's for sure. You need to go from DTS to AC3.
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    The atv converts 6 channel aac down to kind of a weird 3.0 aac. Frankly for my money you are currently better off with the existing DPL2 mixdown imho.
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    Cave Man

    Right dyna - I should have been more clear; you won't get 5.1 from the Apple TV using AAC 6-channel.
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    I stumbled on this thread looking for something else but figured i'de share what I do, most likely you've already found this solution.

    I take the original mkv file and using flvsofts moyea video converter extract the DTS audio to AC3. Basically choose common audio -> AC3 as your conversion method. Make sure to go into setting and change the channels from 2 to 6.
    Take the resulting AC3 5.1 audio file and add it to your apple tv version using subler.

    The moyea software is not free, however the free trial version works for the above process.

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