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best iPhone alternative

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by wmmk, Feb 7, 2007.

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    Not that I'm in the market for a new phone, but I'd be interested to see what everyone around here thinks the iPhone's top competitor is. I'm thinking something that either has way more features or costs considerably less.
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    i mreckon the lg prada will give the iPhone a little competition
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    smart phone market is small, u can count them easily

    windows mobile (a bunch)

    market leader is blackberry, but i do like palm
    $199 with cingular, 399 unlock
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    As of this writing, the iPhone is not a shipping product.

    Assuming that we know everyone about the product that will ship, it will be much more than a feature list. It is a game-changing product with no real competition.

    The iPhone is still in development. We don't know what capabilities it will have when it ships.
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    change ur "will" to "may", it would be a perfect statement.

    But, I do admire your confidence. :D
  6. jsw
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    I find this to be a seemingly compelling near-future alternative. Sadly, of course, its 3G capabilities are worthless here in the States.
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    i think Op want either 1. lot more features than iPhone, or 2. way cheaper...:D
  8. jsw
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    :eek: Good point.

    Well, it has, oh, 40 or so more keys that the iPhone. Does that count? ;)
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    I like "real" keyboard on this Samsung and slide factor.
    Nice phone and available pretty soon. And it will probably be available unlocked -- big plus when compared with iPhone.

    More pictures:
  10. jsw
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    Agreed. Maybe Apple will come out with a nice BT KB accessory, but, really, the touchscreen pad doesn't cut it for me. I use the phone for email as well as calls, and a keypad is a must. Or at least a strongly-desired.
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    Keyboards are definitely a must for those users already accustomed to them. I went ahead and replaced my Treo 650 with a Treo 680 and couldn't be more pleased. With increased ram and slightly faster processor it's a definite upgrade. While the Treo doesn't handle music well I also must carry an iPod when music is desired increasing devices to 2.

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    oh apple will probably sue samsung for having a single button on the face and a very similar earphone slit ... plus it is black .. why dont sue them for this too?

    anyways .. a very very decent device indeed, good multimedia suport (do i read h.264 and AAC??) also full html browsing <whatever that means ... etc.
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    I don't think Apple will risk losing supply of flash memory for iPods :p
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    It has a nicer camera at 5MP.
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    God! We know that the iPhone hasn't shipped yet. He is asking hypothetically, and asking about the iPhone with the features as we know them right now. Quit hi-jacking everyones thread that asks a question about the iPhone and trying to look smart by telling them that "the iPhone hasn't shipped yet. We know! If you dont have anything to contribute than don't post.


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    Ooh, I like. A lot.

    I have a Windows Mobile phone and am seriously looking at the iPhone when it comes out but one of the main reasons I got this particular phone is because it has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like the Samsung linked above. I was disappointed that the iPhone's keyboard was screen only until I did a little experiment.

    Windows Mobile phones have a on screen keyboard too but its tiny and really only accessible by stylus. Not very good for typing at any reasonable speed. But it has another input method known as Phone Pad which is pretty much what it sounds like, a small 3x3 on-screen pad of numbers, each one being about the same size as the iPhone's keys. I went into Word and started typing pretty much gibberish but I found out that it was actually easier to use the onscreen Phone Pad than the hardware QWERTY keyboard. If the pad was an actual keyboard and not just numbers I would use it a lot more often.

    Ok, that was a bit long and off on a tangent but anyhoo...
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    Nokia N95 - poor battery life though, otherwise, an excellent phone. More features than the iPhone and plenty of 3rd party apps. For a communicator, the Nokia E90 will be an excellent device, of course there's already the E61, E70 and 9200 / 9300 communicators.

    Oh, you forgot Symbian, the worlds #1 smartphone OS, not BlackBerry actually. Nokia have the most marketshare for smartphones. :)

    The smartphone market is pretty large actually. There are only around 5 different smartphone OSes but however:
    - Symbian
    - Palm
    - BB
    - Linux
    - Windows mobile / smartphone

    There are a lot of manufactures who make such devices -
    Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, BenQ, Blackberry, Palm, HP, to name a few.

    You could not count all the devices on one hand, and I'd be surprised if anyone could name ALL the smartphone devices out there

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    Yet over here in Europe, the iPhone is being criticised for not having 3G, for which we have excellent cover (with HSDAP (I may have screwed up the letter order)) being faster than most broadband connections. (still along the expensive side, though, €30 per month for 2GB, I believe)

    Though America has always been a bit slower in the cellphone businness, still using CDMA and such and such

    EDIT: of course, the US is a totally different country than for example Belgium, which is extremely densely populated.
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    It would be awesome (5MP camera!!!), but has pinstripes ala OS 10.0 beta

    Are the other smartphone OSes skinnable? If some weren't so FUGly, I'd get them. I don't have enough $$$ right now to care about an apple logo on a phone. Also, are there any smartphones out there geared towards photographers/creative people? I know the iPhone is one answer, but I'm not willing to pay for it right now.
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    I don't know about others, but I know Symbian based phones are:
    Nokia , SonyErcisson and a few others.

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    My alternative to the iphone is a RAZR, ipod, and a PSP. I really only want an ipod and a cell phone in one package. Three priorities for me are: talking, listening to music, and playing games. The PSP has a wifi browser but I don't ever use it. The ipod plays my music and I talk on my phone. Throw some ducktape around those babies and I've got the perfect gadget for me.:)
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    lol the razr and ipod video are my perfect combo. I will probably not be an early adopter of the iphone due to its small HD. I need my 60 gigs :p and my razr is just fine for now that is.
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    If i had to go buy a smart phone right now, it would be a Palm Treo
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    Thank You for saying that.
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    Worthless in Andover, maybe! Perfectly loving my 720 kbps in chicago on a blackjack :)

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