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Billion countdown

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rye9, Feb 21, 2006.

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    About how many songs are downloaded in 24 hours? Do u think someone will win the billion countdown overnight?
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    It's 3m or so a day but I don't think it will go on that long - I'd expect the billion in about 90 minutes or so!
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    I think you're being a bit optimistic... it hasn't even reached 996M yet.

    I predict it'll occur sometime late tomorrow (Wednesday evening) US time.
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    eeesh.... it's late and my brain turned off. For some reason, my brain read 999,654,000 when I glanced at it before answering rather than 995,654,000 :eek:
  5. Administrator

    Doctor Q

    Staff Member

    For a good estimate of the REAL current count, keep a watch here.
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    maybe I should buy a song, at least give myself a chance.

    Hey, nice find, thanks for the link. There was a lot of interesting information on that page.
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    Wait till there are only 5,000 songs left. Then buy 10,000 songs. You win a 10,000 iTunes gift card. Sell it on Ebay. You still get 10 iPods and an iMac!
    Good deal.
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    Is an album a single transaction or 10, 12, 15 whatever individual songs? I know it's charged as a single item, how is it viewed by the counter and therefore the competition?
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    looks like someones gonna win overnight... or in the early morning... i doubt it'll last until 3:00 PM EST, ill be in school all day:(
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    1 mil left.....
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    Yep... i'll be asleep probably, unless it really takes over 10 hours to get 1 million songs.
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    986000 left....

    it probably be like at 7PM
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    What time zone?
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    Ehh... from lookin at the counter, i think the winner will win around 2 AM EST.
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    lol i dont know that was a bad guess
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    I say 1:07 AM EST

    ...shrug :rolleyes:
  17. jsw
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    It's speeding up. I'm guessing 12:50AM EST at current speeds, but due to excitement-spurred buying, I think it'll hit ~12:31:06AM.
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    Before 11 PST.
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    We're almost there! You had a really good guesstimate! We'll be there in just a few minutes.
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    After you click "Buy Song", do you have to do anything else to complete the sale?
  21. jsw
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    No. Just make sure you're at the buying point - if you've got it set up to use a shopping cart, you need to be in the cart to buy the songs. Otherwise, it's just one click and you're done.
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    All set and ready!
  23. jsw
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    I'm assuming that, if you're buying an album or collection or added 1000 songs to your cart, what counts is when you click, so you're better off buying a bunch of songs in succession than one big order. Would you all agree?

    Of course, also, there's that 1:1,000,000 shot you'll actually click anything at all during the second the billionth song is purchased to even have a shot at winning.

    Still, it's fun!
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    Well, there you go, the actual count just hit 1 billion - with Apple's lagging counter soon to follow. It will be interesting to see who wins the big prize, and what song was downloaded. :cool:

  25. jsw
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    DAMN IT!

    Someone just won!

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