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Calendar - at a glance feature fixed ios7??

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by chestvrg, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Please do you guys know if Apple finally has fixed all the calendar bugs in ios7 b/f the GM is released, such as the "at a glance" feature which is very useful now in iOS6.

    Please make reference to this previous thread/topic: Calendar---No-sort-of-"at-a-glance"-feature?

    Thank you in advanced.
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    Thank you so much.
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    No problem.
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    What about information on the month list view like on the picture I'm providing, did they fix this too??
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    Unfortunately not. I always found that bottom bar really useful, as you could just quickly tap on a day and see the events without any delay; you could really quickly see multiple day's events, just by tapping on the days. Now, however, you have to wait for the animation to complete then, if you want to see another day, you either have to swipe left or right, or go back (and wait for the animation) and go into another day (and wait for the animation). I think removing that bottom bar was a step back; if they used that bottom 1/3 of the screen for something else then that's great -- but they didn't - all they did was add more white space (unnecessarily in my opinion) between rows in the month.
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    Thank you so much. I'm very disappointed Apple decided to take a step back with these information view below calendar (similar to google android). I will start looking for alternative calendar apps, b/c I know ios 7 update shall be coming soon and soon I will loose my good old native and reliable iOS6 calendar app.
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    It's definitely a step back in terms of functionality.
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    I certainly do not want to buy a calendar app when the stock calendar used to provide this, but I'll probably end up buying Fantastical.
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    Yes fantastical looks fantastic.
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    I bought Agenda 4 and then Fantastical due to the change Apple made in iOS7 (removing the month/agenda split view). I like both apps very much but imho Fantastical is the best of the two. Well worth the $4.99 price tag and is just as good as the old stock calendar app. I can still add appointments via Siri, it syncs very well with the stock calendar app.
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    Do you know if on either one of these apps, I would be able to sync my google calendar events. I use google calendar so that is my concern. With the stock app, after google discontinued exchange sync, I used the other function called calDav to pull calendars into the stock calendar app in iOS6, would I still be able to do this or are these third party apps dependent on the stock app in order to work?
  13. bgro, Aug 25, 2013
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    I will check for you..

    Edit: Fantastical definitely works when you add a CalDav account to the calendar..I really recommend the app, it is much better than the stock app (especially the iOs7 stock app). I'm assuming it would also work with Agenda.
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    Thank you so much, I'm going for fantastical.
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    I'd wait until the GM before buying anything, it's not finished yet, they may do more with calendar here still.

    But, events are shown in the "Today" tab of notifications as well...there's Today Summary and scroll down for Tomorrow Summary, shows all events for Today/Tomorrow.

    Woah, I just discovered something, I'll try to make a vid (w/my mac book cam?)...you can click on a day in a month and it shows the day view, but, you can click on another day in the week or just swipe back and forth to inertial scroll through days, pretty cool.
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    Unfortunately the "Today" tab doesn't really show all the events for today/tomorrow and doesn't seem to really even allow for a quick way to go to the calendar directly to today or tomorrow (which would really be the least that it could do).
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    hmmm, they have added a lot more to it if you explore, guys. I'll try to edit video and show you, if I can blur names (may not happen).

    But, you can start on yearly calendar (scroll), click on month (scroll), click on day, shows day, but, also click on another day or swipe left/right to go through days.

    In any view, click on the magnifying glass (search icon) and it will show you a list of events starting at the day currently selected, scrollable list as well, and that's not all...pretty nifty!

    Landscape gives you week at a glance (scrollable left/right for day, up down for hour).



    hmm, I don't think they are done w/notification center, as you can click on the weather and it takes you to the weather app. But, check out my last post...there's more to new Calendar app than I realized!
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    Agreed, there's a bit more now as far as the day view and being able to switch to another day quickly (even with just a swipe). At the same time there's a bit less with the removal of a small event list at the bottom for a selected day in month view.
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    If you click on the search icon you get a list of events, starting at currently selected day...this is scrollable:


    For this vid, I turned off all my events just to show you how you can scroll through years, months/weeks, days (I didn't realize I was scrolling backwards here, lol), then landscape for week at a glance (scrollable, sideways swipe for days, up/down for hours)

    The quality sucks because I was making this from my mac book pro built in cam and trying to do things sideways (scrolling isn't funky, it's just because I'm doing it sideways, trying to look at what I'm doing and at the screen too :p). I flipped the image w/quicktime and uploaded to youtube as unlisted, but let me know if it doesn't work. Also, dots usually show on days that have events, but, again, I turned off all my events to do this vid (options for this by clicking on "Calendar" at bottom). There's also a function not shown, "Invites", click on this to show list of events you've been personally invited to, and replied to (two tabs).

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    P.S. If anyone knows easy (free) way to mirror my iphone screen to my macbook pro, let me know and I'll make a better vid. Thx!
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    my favourite topic that passionate to scream to apple about

    see this blog here and here

    see this thread here Calendar - No sort of "at a glance" feature?

    the issue is using 3rd party calendars is some of the integration issues (siri, invitations, etc)

    The ios7 calendar is useless as a picture of a calendar. It's just a calendar full of dots on 300 days of the year for me. No colour code, no info on the event. Why apple removed the preview pane is beyond me. They closed all my bug reports for enhancements too along with countless of other users bug reports.

    iOS 7 should look like this


    see the video here. Why can't apple do this? Apple have dumbed everything down. Can't even see a glance of calendar events in the notification centre without reading an essay
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    Actually, I just stumbled upon some things, but, for a list of calendar events it's simple:

    1) go to Calendar app
    2) press the search icon, there it is, looks similar to the third page over of yours. You can do this in any portrait calendar view.

    I don't think they are finished with Calendar app yet, and notifications has gone through changes in each beta. I don't have multiple things going on at this point to use it to the extent you do, but, I'd just say, once it's GM, try it, not going to say it'll be as extensive as that one, but, there are some things I like about this...maximizes use of the screen, scrolls easy, there are also customizations and invites, and that list is great. Just gotta click and scroll on everything, the more I click on the more I see...it has some icloud sharing things I didn't notice before, hmm, I also can invite my contacts to events I create....
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    I've been using Fantastical for almost a year now as my only calendar and now after Apple remade their calendar app into something so unfunctional, I encourage everyone to use a 3rd party app.

    Why I think the new calendar app is horrible:

    • No list view - This is the only view I always use and they've just removed it. Yes, the search screen is a list view, but you can't set this view as default.
    • No list view in the month view - When I search in the month view, I want to see at least what appointments I have on a day. With the new calendar app you have to go to day view to see your appointments.
    • The day view only shows a certain period of the day - If you have events earlier that day, later that day or if it lasts longer than the shown period, you have to scroll up or down. Again, no at a glance view.

    Fantastical is truely fantastic (especially the natural language way of writing down your appointments "Dinner with friends at Supperclub from 19 till 23".

    Other free alternatives I love: Event Book and Cal
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    Agree wholeheartedly with this...

    Yes the stock app has scrollable agenda if you click the search icon but many many users constatly used the split month/agenda view in the iOS6 app. Apple has decided (so far) to keep that functionality/view out of iOS7.
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    The new calendar of OS 10.9 Mavericks has the same design as the new iOS7 calendar, but with loads more functions.

    Example: the location field acts the same as the search field of maps, eg it will autocomplete streets, contact names, POI's, etc.
    Once chosen it will add a little map to the event with a pin on the location, and clicking it will load directoins.
    Example 2: There is a new "travel time" option to add some minutes before your event, but cool part is, when the location is set like in example 1 it will auto-calculate your time need to drive or walk there. During the week it will tell the time from work to the location, at night or weekends from home. When an event is before the one you're editing it will calculate the time needed from the previous events location to the new one.

    These are awesome features, but iOS7 can't do neither of these. Only thing that functions is that adresses added with OS 10.9 are clickable and open maps.app

    I can only assume these features are still in the pipeline for iOS7...

    Let's hope that the list preview in the month view is aswel.

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