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Compact Keyboard?

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by ifjake, Mar 23, 2004.

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    i'm trying to fit a keyboard and some mouse space in the top drawer of my desk. i really wanted an apple keyboard with the USB slots and stuff, but it would only leave 3 inches for the mouse. i've been looking around but haven't found much, but i was wondering if anyone knew of any USB Mac compatible compact keyboard, similar in layout to one on a powerbook. thanks
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    How about the iKey from Macally which is a very comfortable keyboard with a very mac-like feel with not much more deskspace taken up apart from the keys themselves.

    Hope this helps...
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    this actually looks pretty decent, if i can figure out how to use the control key. and hopefully the function key is to use the volume and brightness controls and Expose. i don't actually use the function function keys. problem is its for my powerbook. i need a USB keyboard. is there an adaptor to connect a 6 pin keyboard jack into a USB port? oh wait i wasn't looking at the "lite 2" model. heh. this might work.
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    oh i found the control key. they moved it. does anyone have any experience with the happy hacker lite 2 keyboard on a Mac and can tell me if it works well? my main concern now is the use of the function keys for screen brightness and volume and expose. i use those a lot.
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    That would be great if you could let us know after you've tried it out. Thanks in advance!
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    The old iMac keyboards were quite small- about 3 inches shorter than the regular iMac keyboard they have not...the old one has the # keypad, but has integrated the home, up down, home, and arrows above and under the regular keypad and letter keyboard part. I would think you could pick one up on ebay
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    that happy hacker lite 2 is actually looking like the best choice for me, since it is Mac compatible, and it has 2 USB ports in the back for a mouse and the occasional flash key drive. the only issue really is the behavior of the function keys. the apple keyboard has a fn key that toggles whatever assigned functions you have to the f1 .... keys. i don't really care about those as much, just for the usual volume expose stuff. with the lite 2 it seems like the fn key is used to turn the number keys into function keys, so hopefully it just disregards that extra function mode. if anyone knows, please inform me.

    the playstation keyboard though, is cheap, looks sweet and it has all the function keys ready to go. if srobert finds that it actually works, i may just get some kinda of USB splitter or little hub or whatever to accommodate the mouse. some of the other suggestions don't seem to be mac compatible ie have PC/2 style connectors.
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    Can you tell me, are the keys laptop (very thin, don't move much) or desktop (thicker and feel normal to type)? It appears that they're laptop keys, but i can't tell. I'm seriously considering getting one of these, now that i've seen a price, but i can't stand laptop-style keys...

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    It's kind of an hybrid. Let me explain:

    - All the "letters" are full sized keys and they do "fell" like normal keys.
    - The "number", "F-Keys" are half the size and there is no empty space separating the 2.
    - These keys are also half the size: Esc, Num Lock, PrtSc, Scroll Locl, Pause, Backspace (That one bugs me a little), Tab and Caps Lock
    - The space bar is a little naroower (about 2/3 the normal lenght.
    - The Ctrl, Alt and logitech (Command/Apple) are the size of a normal "letter" type key. There is no logitech on the right side.
    - The arrow keys are also half the size and stuck of the middles of the: "?, Ctrl, Del and Shift key. Could be a problem if used for gaming.
    - To access the PgUp, Home, Pgdn, End and Ins keys, you must frist press a Fn key (like laptops.

    I think the only think I don't like is that the numbers and function keys are not separated from the rest of the keyboard. It takes some getting used to.

    If you'd like. I could take a high rez pic of it when I get back home tonight and post it here. Overall, I really fo think it's a lot of bang for the buck.
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    Ok. Here is a high rez with a regular keyboard and some paraphernalia so you can compare:


    And here is the zoomed keyboard:

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    that's pretty sweet that it works. i may rethink things a little. i notice that some of the keys are a little thinner width wise like the tab key, which i use all the time (and the shift and enter kets etc). is this a pain or is it easy to get used to? i don't really mind having the function keys like that, that's exactly the way it is on my laptop keyboard.

    and does anyone know how to remap the keys on the keyboard? i've heard of programs and terminal trickery that does that kind of thing. specifically, if i get this keyboard, i'd want to switch the alt (option?) and the logitech (command) keys, so that there is two command keys on either side of the keyboard similar to apple keyboards. if someone can help me do that i would pickup one of these things in a heart beat.

    i'd probably be able to get this keyboard and a cheap usb router for the mouse and stuff for less than just a keyboard.
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    I've used it a lot (On my PS2 for FFXI) since I purchased it a few days ago. I had no trouble at all adapting to the narrower tab, space and enter key.

    The only problem I have is when trying to type numbers. I often hit neighboring function or letter key.This will take some used to. But, if as you said you're used to typing on a laptop, this should'nt be an issue.

    You're right. the key layout is very similar to the layout of a laptop. But! the keyboard is very sturdy and I did not feel that bothersome "springyness" I often feel on laptops.

    The keyboard is very light and there is no rubber cushions to prevent it to slip around. I guess you could stick your own rubber cushions (a buck a dozen). There also is 4 screw anchoring slots under the keyboard. I guess you could put screws on your keyboard tray so you can slide the keyboard in.
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    If you REALLY need to save space, the FrogPad doesn't get much smaller, but i would not like to use one ;)

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