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Don't knock IOS7 until you use it.

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by JoEw, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Have the beta and wow, I must say it is very very very nice. While still pretty buggy since it is still the first beta. I feel like it is a change in the correct direction for the operating system.

    Using it is much different then just looking at it. I was worried at first from such a drastic looking change but I can assure you this is still very much Apple we all love.
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    Unfortunately, once we try it when it ships in the fall, we can't change back...
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    You really will not want too.

    That is a bold statement, but it is finally a modernized ios.
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    When it ships in the fall you don't have to update if you don't want to.
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    I love it so far. It is smooth and very elegant ;)
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    What I hate the most is the white on white design of confusion.

    Some of the criticisms of android I had before have cropped up now here.

    The flatness makes it not simple but confusingly plain.

    What I like us the details of opacity and the control center.

    I don't like the lack of shapes and design.
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    So I get this impression that people who are actually using it like it and those who haven't used it and are just going off a screen shot of the home screen hate it.
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    "Confusingly plain" makes no sense.
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    I have seen very few people that are actually using the beta that are panning it. Sure, there are small criticisms and frustrations, but once you use it, it is a different ballgame.

    I have been using the term "emotion" to explain a lot of what I have seen thus far. Clearly that isn't something you can really get from a screenshot.
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    I hate all the knee jerk reactions and drama queens. You'd think their life is no longer worth living because they don't like the Safari app icon. :rolleyes:
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    You can give these people a million dollars and they would complain about paying taxes on it.
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    Well put, that is exactly how I feel.
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    I'm one of those that do not have the IOS 7 installed , I don't even have an iphone 5, but I absolutely love what I have seen so far of IOS 7...can't wait..to upgrade to iphone 5 and IOS 7!! : )
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    It is awful. So awful that, for the first time, I have downgraded. As user this is no biggy - I'll just stick with OS 6. The icons are amateurish, the dock is a bland rectangle gaussian blur. The inbuilt controls like the switch look off balance, as do the icons and in fact almost every UI element. It is just awful

    As a developer - I'm concerned we could see a negative effect on hardware sales and if hardware sales drop then we will see a hit in Appstore sales.
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    I suggest some anti anxiety meds.
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    Well yeah, the tax authority is "stealing" "their" money.
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    I got iOS 7 last night - and can't say I like it. The calendar is worse, the folders are worse, don't like the new reminders, I could go on..

    I don't see what was wrong with it before - would have preferred if they had spent time working on widgets etc. instead of these pastel colours !
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    I've used it for a day and like the overall updates but the main screen icons are so low rent and cheap looking. That's my only complaint so far. I like the functionality and feel of it but those low res pastel's are horrid!
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    I've just installed it on my 4S and I must admit, I really like it. It's certainly different but still elegant. The new subtle animations are cool and the overhauled apps are really nice. I love the new safari.

    The battery seems to be draining quite quickly though.

    Looking forward to future beta releases to see what they refine.
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    LOL - You're right. I need some after using that train-wreck.

    After the early beta for Windows 8 I could not believe Microsoft were really serious about releasing the OS. It then became apparent that - whether through group-think, or a serious disconnect between upper management and the real-world - that Microsoft did not realise how flawed the OS was.

    I'm starting to feel that something has gone amiss in the organisation structure of Apple.
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    When I went on Apple's website and saw it, I was surprised at first, in a not-so-good way. But now that I've used it, I love it! :D

    Only thing that sucks is that all the 3rd party apps are still not updated with the new keyboard and UI designs. Google is somewhat manageable, but in time I guess..
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    After a night and half a day with ios7 my thought is that the features are great and there is tremendous promise there. I don't mind the look of the UI, but I do think that usability and "ease of use" has dropped significantly -- luckily, a lot of the issues should be easy to fix moving toward the live release.
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    iOS7 is truly awesome for all the people who was moaning about been bored about iOS this one will keep you occupied, new features, activation lock, ability to block calls text etc, control panel, keychain and list goes on. I'm really happy and I do not mind the icons
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    That's exactly what I was thinking too.

    Using and interacting with an operating system is a vastly different experience than just looking at some screen shots. I think it is way too early to make any "I love it!/I hate it!" proclamations if you haven't installed the beta.

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