ebuyer.com runs on a Commodore 64

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MIDI_EVIL, Jul 7, 2007.

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    "A hawk-eyed El Reg reader points out that UK online retailer Ebuyer.com appears to be cutting costs by running its site on servers dating back to the late Cretaceous period - roughly speaking. According to internet monitoring company Netcraft, the e-tailer has bypassed run-of-the-mill legacy servers for some serious heirlooms."

    Here's the link directly to the Netcraft information:


    Haha, there's still life left in those old beauties.

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    Amazing, I did not know that anyone used a machine that old anymore on a regular basis... :eek:
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    So wait a second.....this means any computer can run a website? Isn't there a minimum level of tech you need? Why do companies spend so much money on IT if they need $10 computers to make it all work well?

    I just went to their website. Wasn't slow or anything. I couldn't even tell that a Commodore 64 was running the show.
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    Apache runs on a Commodore 64? :eek: :eek: :eek:

    You sure this isnt just some kind of joke or somethin?
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    Hmm...that pretty crazy, if true. I have trouble with the idea that it is....I just pulled up the specs on wikipedia.

    I think my iPhone could do a better job!
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    There are websites running off Newtons :D If you aren't doing any Database stuff, you can really get pretty fantastic performance out of a basic machine.

    We're looking at upgrading our server machine (website below) to something with some serious meat, as we're going into video encoding etc...
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    Lord Blackadder

    I'm not buying it - I know you can run a website with some pretty basic hardware, but this...is a little too basic.
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    I don't believe that. Spectrum 48k?! I made demos that pushed that machine when I was in nappies.
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    And do you really believe they also got an old CRAY for this?
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    Lord Blackadder

    Yeah, I was waiting for someone to notice that - I think that was the final tipoff for me.
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    Shh... I sold it to em. ;)
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    For the gullible who believe anyone (in their right mind) operating a commercial site would actually use a Commodore 64:

    An article on how to change you web server's "identity" (and why you might want to.)

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    For some of you absolute nerds, not everyone would understand why anyone, let alone a successful online retailer, wouldn't or couldn't use a Commodore 64 as a server, me included.

    Lay off with the gullible crap!

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    Sweet. I'm gonna go find my commodore right now and hook that up!! :)
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    Get over it. This is a goof their server admin has pulled by changing the server host setting.

    A C64 running an ecommerce site? What, with a ethernet "cartridge" plugged in it's cartridge slot? Get real. It ain't gonna happen in the real world.
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    In further reports, we have received a terminal sense of humour failure, coming from somewhere around the USA continent. Emergency attempts were made to stave it off, including watching the Simpsons, and reading the Onion.

    Unfortunately our correspondents say these two remedies were 'not as funny as they used to be' and the implosion occurred yesterday when millions of people reacted with shock and disbelief to a website having a rather obvious bit of fun.
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    Lord Blackadder

    Not millions, just a few over-credulous yet cynical Americans. :)

    Although, geekdom being what it is, I wouldn't be surprised if some skilled and enterprising individual did run a nice-looking site off a C64 just to show us all it can be done.
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    I don't get it.;)
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    I really fail to see either the humor in or benefit of spreading misinformation in these forums based on ignorance. Mind you, I'm not calling anyone "stupid". The meanings are different -- look it up, if you're unclear.

    Presenting this as "news" (without a explanation that it is quite bogus) in this forum runs contrary to the concept of educating neophytes (rather than confusing them.) Is it any wonder then why some here believe what they do in regards to technology (and it limits) and how it really works?

    Unfortunately these days, few people are concerned with either learning or acquiring knowledge. It's too much work, and not "fun." And since brevity requires little mental energy than seeking knowledge, it's my conclusion that Macrumors just isn't the sort of place interested in educating, helping or informing its readers. It's simply a place for some to waste their time...
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    Haha, you're the most fierce nerd i've ever come across.

    Most normal people wouldn't know that you could mask the information about your servers, me included.

    Get over it? Did you miss the point to my post previous post?

    If I have offended anyone for posting such a misleading/illinformed article, please forgive me...!



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