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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Tander, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    So I just encrypted my HDD on my MacBook Pro and it took a few hours, which is to be expected.

    I actually have a questions regarding "When" is my HDD not protected against unauthorised access?

    1. If I shut down the MacBook completely - obviously, the drive is locked and encrypted - correct?

    2. If I just close the lid and the Mac goes to sleep - the drive isn't "Locked" so anyone with my password can login and do as they please?

    3. If I close the lid and mac goes to sleep - then someone pulls the HDD out - it will be locked, correct?

    With point number to - if they cannot get my Password - they would have to restart the MacBook to get into the utilities section and this will prompt the start up password and the drive will be locked right?

    What I am trying to figure out is when is my drive not "locked" or protected?

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    I think that terminology is tripping you up. Its not locked or unlocked. Its decrypted or not. The data sitting on the drive is encrypted and unreadable. Only through the passcode can the data be decrypted. At boot up, your mac uses the recovery partition to boot up and authorize access (decrypt). Then once that occurs on the fly decryption occurs. The drive is still encrypted.

    If you put the computer to sleep you will be prompted for the password. If a thief guesses your password he'll have access to your data but then that's no different then guessing your password at boot up.
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    As long as you require your password to be entered after sleep or screen saver begins, you're not protected when your screen is unlocked.

    If they have your password, you have other problems and all bets are off about security for your Mac if they have physical access to it.
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    Thanks for clearing that up gents.

    So if the Mac is asking for a password - regardless of what state it is in - drive is encrypted and data safe?
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    You are correct. As long as it's properly secured - meaning set up to ask for a password on wake or screen saver, and in the "asking for password" state - the data is encrypted and safe.
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    My Mac is set to require a password 5 seconds after the screen turns off. That time is 15 minutes of inactivity.

    Which means there a 15 min window where my Mac is not protected - when I am not in front of it. A very small window, I think.

    Also as soon as the lid is closed - it is set to go into sleep - no delay.

    Thanks for the input gents. Appreciate it.
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    I'd recommend getting in the habit of doing ctrl+shift+eject when you get up to walk away.
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    Is there an equivalent shortcut for Macs without an eject key?
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    You could go to the screen savers pref pane and setup a hot corner to sleep the display.
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    Yes! Ctrl+shift+power is what I actually meant to type anyway :) old habits die hard.
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    Thanks for this tip. :cool:

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