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full bars and 3g signal but not loading?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by x-evil-x, Jun 29, 2010.

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    ive been having this problem a lot since i got the phone. if im out especially in building where it shows good signal it take it forever to load data. text goes through fine but data takes forever. much slower than my 3gs why is this? is it my phone or are others getting this?
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    I've been having this happen too with Safari.
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    alot with the facebook app
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    Try going into settings and shutting off wifi when it does this. Seems to help for me when I'm in a place with weak open wifi that it doesn't necessarily connect with but yet seems to confuse the 3G. :confused:

    Might be worth a shot.
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    I've seen this with Facebook.

    The Best Buy app loads, but upon searching it just hung there. I 'homed' out of the app, and than tried Engadget - it just crashed.

    Rebooted phone, Engadget is fine. I'm not trying the Best Buy app - I think it needs a update or something.
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    This has been happening to me with iPhone4 the last two days as well. Never encountered this on my 3GS. I'm not sure if it's the network or the phone.

    At work, I have full signal strength, but sometimes the data simply won't load anything or do so very slowly.

    I've found that this problem does seem to clear up in different areas away from this point, however, but I'm still concerned.
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    Makes it seem like a service issue rather than a phone issue.

    It just seems odd as I've never had issues at the office before. Now it's suddenly giving me major problems.
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    Assuming AT&T is the network -- well then, enough said. My 3G, albeit dated hardware, loads everything atrociously slow regardless of signal strength. At least two or three minutes to load pages like MR.
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    Having this issue alot past 2 days have been awful. My email is slow as well. Hope it's a network thing and it's ironed out SOON.
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    Another thing to note...

    If I disable 3G and use Edge, I can actually view internet pages and whatnot. It's obviously much slower than 3G should be, but it works. With 3G enabled, it just sits there spinning.

    Has only been an issue the last two days.
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    Same issue with me. My 3G is slow or not there even though it shows 5 bars and 3G. It's getting annoying since I rely on being connected.

    I also have to rely on edge or wifi. But I've put a piece of paper between the antenna and my case and 3G works.
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    SAME THING, Im so pissed about this ****, I have this on-top of the death-grip issue, on-top of proximity sensor problems now. Im gonna wait for an update, and if this does not get fixed, I will try replacing it. If it still does not matter, I am returning this fancy pos. :rolleyes:
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    All....the....freaking...time. In NYC, I've been showing full bars, 3G all over, and half the time, page just stalls and stop loading.

    When this happens, I have to restart the phone. And then all my email, messages, will quickly all hit when the phone restarts. Will work ok for a while, then seems to lock up again, and I have to restart again.

    Last night, out to dinner...my iphone 4 and my v my girl's 3G. Both side by side, loading same sites.

    Hers worked 100% of the time, always faster...mine stalled about 40% of the time.

    I'm at a loss of words.

    Funny thing? She insisted on updating today...and now she's complaining how bad her service is now at her office with similar issues.

    Puzzled...we may return them both and wait til end of summer. Just way way way way too many issues with this phone as of now. (I too suffer from the death grip...bit of tape assisted there)

    But too many bugs. Way more than my last one or my ipad...

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    I'm running my iPad 3G right next to my iPhone 4 (not simultaneously). the iPad is WAY faster. I'd be surprised if this was the AT&T network, unless they have device-specific settings.

    iPad: download 1221 Kbps
    iPhone 4: 309 Kbps

    5 bars on both devices.
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    I'm having the same issue. I'm located in King of Prussia, PA and i've been noticing every time I go into the office it doesn't work. I'll have Full 5 Bars but the data feed is not responding... I have an appointment with Apple today after work.
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    Add me on too.

    Plus my streaming radio apps are skipping and stopping as I drive around town...all in places my 3GS never skipped a beat, ever.

    Hopefully a software update cures all this.
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    How about this for a test?

    Ipad wifi running via a Miwi on a jalibroken 3G (so it's on a 3G network tethered to the 3g)

    v. my iphone 4.

    Side by side.

    Ipad wins by a mile:

    iPad: Download: 1076 kbps
    iphone: 286 kbps

    Ohhhhh Steven?
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    Mine does this too but mostly when I am holding it In My left hand. It's slow in general but drops to zero when held in the left hand.

    It's all getting rather tiresome.
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    Hell...mine drops and/or doesn't load when its sitting on my car seat next to me.

    How Steve has the audacity to claim there is no issue is beyond me. It must simply be PR BS.

    I'm using the 4 *exactly* the same way I used my 3GS around town and the 3GS is far more consistent and reliable.

    Major bummer. Software update pllleeeasse....
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    Not me...untouched, sitting on desk, table, on its side, by the window, under the table and dreaming...everywhere.

    Going to call apple, and go thru all the hoops, knowing that there's got to be a fix coming.
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    You are holding it wrong. :apple:
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    I'm not even holding it...
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    Everything being talked about in this thread is happening to me here in Brooklyn. Very annoying.
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    full bars and 3g signal but not loading?

    Keep in MIND, this HAS NOTHING to do with holding your iPhone 4 the wrong way. Read the title of the original post "full bars and 3g signal but not loading?"

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