Give a few more trusted members some basic mod ability

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by edesignuk, Jan 25, 2005.

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    By this all I mean is give a few more people the ability to wasteland threads, not to go round doing as they see fit editing anything and everything.

    The spam floods are happening more and more, and quite often there are none of the current admins/mods online. If there were a few more people given some very basic extra rights quite a lot of rubbish could get cleared up a lot sooner.
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    Is this spurned by ths victor1 outbreak today, or by the mymemory thread?

    Though I agree, I know that our mods do an excellent job, but I think that the forum ha continued to grow and they may need some more help to deal with it all.

    While edesign may go 'off the handle' occasionally, I believe that he would mod with much more benevolence, so he gets my nomination.
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    I've noticed a lot of this spam arrives night or early morning U.S. time.Isn't there one one European or Asian mod?
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    Maybe we could hold an election and choose a few more mods that way.
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    Nothing to do with mymemory. Just the amounts of blatant spam we are getting. It just seems to make sense to have a few more people who can deal with it quickly, rather than having them sitting around while everyone chips in to the flame fest.

    Although I am guilty of flying off on these spammers, I don't anymore, no macros :eek: I'd rather just see them dealt with quickly and properly.
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    Elections might be more trouble . . . I would be happy with willing people being nominated and a half a dozen people 'seconding' it. That said, even if a couple(or three) people simple had the authority to wasteland spam, it would make things a little smoother around here.

    On that note, I second the earlier nomination of edesignuk for 'wastelanding' authority.
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    I second that. The idea to have one or more European or Asian moderators is excellent, too. This way, we’ll increase the probability of a moderator being online when something happens.
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    elections!? ha! you think the internets is a democracy!?
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    Elections are just a popularity contest. I don't think that'd be any good. It would be down to the existing mods/admins to decide on who they would be happy with I think.

    Thanks for the support fellas, though this is not about making *me* a mod (though I wouldn't mind at all ;)). It's just about keeping things clean around here, no matter who it is that does it.
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    I'm not sure about edesign... give him that much power and it might go to his head... OTOH, we do know he'd be persistent!
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    hahahah...or should that be muwahahahahahahahaha!. Honestly, who ever it be (if any after all this), it only takes a couple of clicks to remove the "chosen" if they prove to be doing a s*** job. There's nothing to loose.
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    I also would agree that e would make an excellent Wastelanding mod. As the member with more posts there than any other *, he's very qualified to judge what should be sent there. ;)

    * well, yes, mostly because of the famed macros for spammers, but still....
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    Not "just" a popularity contest... what better way to determine who the community members would like to give a little more power to? If everyone agrees that they trust a certain person to reliably wasteland threads, and not abuse his power, then that person is likely to be able to do the job.
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    Not true, anything in the wasteland does not go towards post count. That's why I never saw any harm in it, it's not like anyone could say I was doing it for post count, because the second the thread hits the wasteland it doesn't count anyway.
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    believe it or not, this topic has come up before. Suffice it to say we're thinking about it.
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    Oh I believe it. Just thought that these spam attacks seem to be happing more and more often, and the subject might need a little *BUMP* in the minds of the currents mods/admins ;) :)
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    a nice, subtle kick in the pants will often do what is necessary. :D

    give us a little bit of time to discuss and formulate a real plan, and we'll get back to you. I've bookmarked this thread for myself. :)
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    How does this banning contraption works? (I'm not very internets smart ^_^)

    I mean, does it only ban the current account? Does it prevent the banned person from creating a new account? (From same email? from same IP?) What about non-static IP addresses? Please Educate me.

    P.S.: As of today, I've added a new thing to my "Things to do before I die" list: - Punch a spammer in the nuts :D
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    I also think that if we as a community simply reported posts instead of turning it into a full blown thread (by responding) it would swiftly move these posts off the front page. It certainly doesn't help your post count any to respond to the threads so there really isn't any benefit. I could see a first initial post stating "reported" so the mods don't have 50 people telling them about the thread but... responding to it over and over again just bumps the thread anyhow.

    If edesignuk gets any sort of mod privileges I think I'll be scared... he'll have authority to back up his entertaining macro images... :)
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    You can ban usernames, but you can also ban by IP if it gets really bad ;)
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    Sounds like a reasonable idea, but as stated above, I think it should be the Mods choice and not a vote of any kind.
    I have confidence in our current Mods, and would accept their wisdom in choosing or not choosing someone.

    I think it would also be good to keep the names of the Mods before the Forum public on a regular basis.
    I know for newer members it is sometimes hard for them to distinguish who is, and who is not a Mod. I know the "clue" is in the designation to the left, but some overlook that.

    As far as I know the list is...

    Mr. Anderson
    Doctor Q

    We seldom see Arn anymore, and I understand he stays busy.
    It is also rare to see Eyelikeart anymore
    Rower_CPU is more active than Arn and Eye
    Mudbug is available more than the above 3
    But Doctor Q and Mr. Anderson seem to be the 2 that are around the most

    But that is just my observation
    And I have probably overlooked someone

    Regardless, that's a lot of work for them
    They all do a great job in my opinion
    I know there will always be controversy,
    but I have appreciated their work

    I know that there are others who function unofficially
    Folks like "E", "Blue Velvet", "bousozoku", "Sun Baked" and others
    quickly and regularly report things that are out of line

    I love this board, and hope that it will continue to uphold its high quality
    It means a lot to me

    Woof, Woof - Dawg
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    *if* that was to happen, I wouldn't. They'd simply hit the wasteland before you know it! :D
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    You can typically ban via user name (does little good), e-mail address (does little good), IP (pretty effective), or an IP block (more effective but you can block other people accidentally too).

    If it's a dynamic address there's not too much you can do. But that's the nature of them.
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    The way that was written out I thought maybe it was a poem or something... :p
  25. jsw
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    I said most posts there - i.e., in the Wasteland. I was just kidding. Well, you do have, I think, the most there, but still, just joking. :)
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