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Help with Handbrake

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by TrenttonY, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. TrenttonY, Aug 3, 2013
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    Can somebody give me the exact setting for a movie (DVD) to put into Handbrake to get the same quality and audio as if I would buy the movie through iTunes (the low quality version not hd)? How to get it to fit iTunes, all iPhone sizes and iPad (Retina and non), like how Apple does it. Thannks! P.S is it a legal to do this? I have the physical copy, I did not download it illegal.

    For windows.
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    I honestly think that the ATV2 setting is good quality for nonHD video. I can't say it's the same, but I feel the quality is great. I use HD for most videos but some (romcoms for example) get the SD treatment.
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    For DVD I usually just use the "high profile" preset and check the web optimized box. File size is usually 1-1.5 GB and the quality seems very good. ATV2 setting works well too.
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    Can you guys answer my exact questions?
  5. MarcBook, Aug 3, 2013
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    Use the Apple TV 3 preset. It'll ensure the best quality.
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    Well it depends. I find the presets in HandBrake are really good except for audio & subtitle settings (that you can change manually).
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    I don't believe that Apple uses HandBrake so most of your questions on how Apple does it aren't really relative in regards to HB. In some cases I've seen the method that Apple uses inferior to HB.

    But the Apple TV 3 preset seems to work best for me. But the other presets that the others in this post and you shotgun blast post in the iOS forum will work well. Best advice, since you're not in that big of a hurry, so some tests and decide for yourself.
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    I have Video Codec H.264 (x264)

    and a constant quality set at 15 RF

    Is that good?
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    Doesn't sound great to me, but you aren't giving much information. Much depends on your personal preference of quality and resulting file size.
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    What info do I need to give? I want the standard definition iTunes movie quality? What settings do I need to have to get that?
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    No. Encodings are submitted by the owners of the digital content and can change slightly between studios. Your best bet is to pick a preset in handbrake that sounds correct and see if it works across the devices you want to use instead of trying to copy like it is in iTunes.

    Your content will have the legal notices you need to abide by to be legal.
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    Okay what is the best preset for high quality but low file size? and fits what ever iTunes iPhone and iPad, iTV thats what i want it for so point me into the right direction. please be fast i want to do this while im sleeping so its done in a couple hours. :)
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    Read the suggestions in this thread. There are a few EXACT suggestions in this consolidated thread that for some reason you are ignoring.
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    Just use the ATV2 preset in handbrake like others said
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    I know I'm getting repetitive but I can't get a straight yes or no. Will the ATV2 option make it the same exact quality as the iTunes SD version? And will it fit iTunes, iPad, iPhone 1-4S with the double tap to full screen and iPhone 5 don't have that because of the longer screen? Am I correct? I'm doing all of my scary movie collection, and I only want to do it once. Even for future devices.
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    I use Apple TV 2 settings then import into iTunes. It works perfect streaming to Apple TV. If I want one of those on my phone/tablet, I will go into iTunes, click the video I want to put on my phone/tablet, and then click File > Create New Version > Create (which ever version you want, iPhone or iPad).

    This will compress the video to a smaller file size with the exact same name.

    My only issue is how to make it so the music isn't so much louder when it comes on than the talking. If its an intense scene with music and talking it gets so loud, then the movie cuts to something else that's quiet. I have to sit with the remote going up and down the entire movie.

    I was told to change the DRC to 1 in the Audio section, but most of the movies I choose that DRC is grayed out. Any ideas?
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    What's the difference between Apple TV 1,2,3?
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    It's very complicated but for the most part if you are using DVD source, AppleTV 2 and 3 presets seem to be very similar with quality and file size (a few MB difference?) using the current version of handbrake and the source being DVD.

    I'm sure there there are tech differences but hardly noticeable to the average viewer.

    AppleTV 1 was a different beast and if you don't have one, don't worry about it.
  19. TrenttonY, Aug 5, 2013
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    I downloaded a preset for iPad and iPhone (SD) and put it on my iPhone 4 and the black bars top and bottom are thicker then my bought downloaded movie from the iTunes store? I even created a iPhone version via iTunes and its the same.
    And the volume sucks, when the volume is half way on my iPhone 4 you can barely hear it?
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    It is likely that the movie you had was formatted that way on the DVD and is not the fault of HB. Can't help with the sound as I don't know anything about the downloaded presets that you are talking about.
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    Are you talking about the black bars?
  22. MarkG21, Aug 5, 2013
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    Are you comparing the black bars on 2 different movies or the same movies.

    On iPhones and iPads, black bars will appear on 16/9 (1.78:1) sources and 2.40 (2.40:1)sources. The 16:9 will result in smaller back bars compared to 2.40. On high def TVs, you will not see the black bars on 16/9 movies.

    The black bars are normal. Without them you won't be able to see the entire movie (picture)

    1.78:1 = picture is 1.78 times wider than its hight.
    2.40:1 = picture is 2.40 times wider than its hight.
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    I want to get the movie like this (Scary Movie 3 Bought through iTunes (SD)


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    But I keep getting this (Halloween Bought DVD)


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    Yes, two different formats, there is no issue and HB isn't causing it. If you have two completely different cars there will be differences, just as the aspect ratio can be different on two different movies.

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