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iPhone How to remove this blank app... HELP

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by yanand, Sep 25, 2013.

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    guys please see the image at the bottom which is have stroked it in blue color...

    am unable to delete it... guys have any idea or you have passed through it ?

    please help me to delete it...

    many thanks in advance


    iPhone 5 32Gb
    iPad Mini 32Gb Wifi
    iPod Nano

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    Did you try
    1. Rebooting the phone and then deleting it?
    2. syncing it up with iTunes and then removing it, via iTunes or directly from the phone?
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    I'm pretty sure this has been discussed before so if you haven't already searched the forums thoroughly then keep at it. I bet someone will come along with and solid recommendation.

    I experienced a similar problem once and it basically resolved itself a few days later. I did not have to connect to itunes because I do everything OTA. But if I recall correctly the resolution discussed in a past thread involved itunes.
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    i have rebooted my iphone, still its the same.
    synced up with itunes and not able to del it... it is not showing me that cross icon on the top left conner...



    hope for the best Gutwrench....

    guys HELP me to del it... tried all at my level... :(
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    Maybe this will help (also read the comment section because there are tips in there too).
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    still not able to delete it :(

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