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I want Time Machine...

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Richard1028, Dec 29, 2010.

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    ...to keep doing what it does now and also make my TM drive bootable.

    Basically, a never-ending "byte-for-byte" clone of my internal drive that I can restore completely whenever I want.
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    OK duly noted, but it's not going to do that.
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    Why not wise one?
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    Well Captain Sarcastic,
    How would I know? It's a feature Apple has left out. A TM backup is only doing incremental backups to a sparse image so it cannot be bootable. I've only heard of people putting their install DVDs on a partition of the drive but even that doesn't make it bootable, it just gives you the option to install from that disc then migrate your data. Trust me, you're not alone in the thought that the TM backup should be bootable or that you should have an option to make it bootable. But then again, TM would have to function differently in the way that it backs up data.
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    Hey Captain, have you considered Carbon Copy Cloner? I use it to clone my MB and it's bootable. I also use Time Machine on another drive.
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    I agree with rdowns,
    TM is great for incremental backup/restores. Its horribly slow for a full system restore. I needed to do one once and it took in excess of 8 hours. Conversely, Carbon Copy Cloner did the same thing in about 2 hours.
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    I <3 Carbon Copy Cloner
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    TM is good, one feature that does need to change though is to be able to customise the frequency of backup. Do you need 1 per hour? No. 1 per day would be more than sufficient.
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    I disagree. One of TMs advantages is that if you accidentally delete a file, you can go back 60 minutes and find it again, often with a few clicks, and its a more recent version than if it was daily only.
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    I disagree completely, TM, at the moment acts more like 'versioning' software for the careless. if you regularly delete files by accident you should look at your filing structure and take a bit of care when you delete documents, nobody should be deleting files by accident that frequently in my opinion.

    All that aside, at the very least, TM should give you the option to customise the frequency of backups.
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    It has happened to me for the system to hiccup while changing Finder windows and I ended up deleting the wrong stuff. Command-backspace too, so the TM is a godsend for that.

    +1 for Carbon Copy Cloner - And WinClone for your Bootcamp partition if you have one
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    another vote for carbon copy cloner. its free and its one for one copy app. bootable too. love it.
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    Im not saying its something I do regularly, and neither do many, but theres no reason with Hard Drives being so large for so cheap not to have it as it is - its not like it hammers your CPU particularly hard at any rate (or at least Ive never noticed it on any machine from the last 4 years), its just useful when, a least in my case, a 2 yr old cousin manages to get on your editing station and finds it fun to delete files...

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