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iCurve picture request

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Moshiiii, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Greetings :D!

    Unfortunatly I like to plan everything before I purchase, which leads me to my new problem. I've read that icurves don't work to well with wired mouse and keyboard. So, does anyone have a picture of a icurve set up with a wired mouse and keyboard. I appreciate it!
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    Found one, but I dont see what the fuss is about.
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    I'm interested in the iCurve as well, but I've never heard anything about problems with a wired keyboard/mouse. I'd assume people would be worried about the constant movement of the mouse (and attached cord) but since, more than likely, you'd plug the mouse into the keyboard, there'd be little to no movement.
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    I have one. Using a mouse, it used to bother me because the curve part on the bottom would always get in the way of the mouse. My solution. I used the iCurve upside down and use the mouse between the parallel stands. Works great. I'll try to post a picture later.
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    Ok! Thanks!
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    Here is a shot of my iBook with the iCurve on my bed. :) Enjoy.
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    ^Is that safe?...and to the dude with the upside down icurve..your lappy fell off yet?

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    Which one is upside down?
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    My iCurve. You will love it.

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    iCurve on my MBP with Gateway 21" widescreen wired apple keyboard. I also have an mx1000 and it is connected to the mbp too everything is connected though a usb hub that sits in the back

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    yea camera phone... don't feel like walking to my car to get my digital camera

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    Wired Mouse, BT Keyboard

    I don't mind the wired mouse that much. However, it does get annoying at times. I've been meaning to look for a good full sized BT mouse that offers more than three buttons (left, middle and right) but haven't really found any.

    Suggestions or recommendations would be nice. :)
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    I'm trying my best to hold out for a BT Mighty Mouse. Firstly I don't have enough room at the moment for any mouse really, (need to sort this room out big time), and I am comfortable using the trackpad for the minimal work I am doing at this time. when I do get a mouse, it will be mighty, but I would prefer BT over USB.
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    Thanks for all the replies! I'm gonna order one today with a BT keyboard. I guess ill use mighty mouse until apple makes a BT mouse.
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    The W8 dude said he uses his upside down.

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    Nope, no falls yet. I think it actually works better (since there's the part that goes across the laptop). Here's a pic. Note how the mouse is directly under the laptop. We use it in the kitchen.

    BTW. I didn't really buy this. It came as a surprise throw in when I purchased my Powerbook on eBay. I don't think I'd shell out $40+s/h for this.

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    Is that an iSkin for your full sized keyboard? I was thinking about getting one but my boyfriend thinks it's overkill. :eek:
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    BTW, I have used a 17" PB and a 15" MBP on my iCurve upside down.
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    Yup, I've got one for the iBook and another for my BT keyboard. I like love it. It makes my BT keyboard feel better and I also don't have to constantly clean it anymore.
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    Anyone have their laptop fall off an iCurve?
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    Hello Moshiiii,

    The first picture you posted was my setup. I have included some more pictures than I took a few minutes ago, below.

    At first I regretted buying the iCurve because it's basically £30 for some plastic. However, it is a quality product. The packaging is really nice, it comes all fitted inside a cloth pouch. The iCurve itself definetly feels like high quality plastic. There are four rubber grip mats which secure your notebook. These secure the notebook extremely well. There is no chance of your notebook falling off what-so-ever.

    The notebook does not sit ridigly ontop of the iCurve; it is springy. One thing I like about the iCurve is that it is really easy to move your notebook around, or change the angle etc. It really makes your setup seem professional and it is great to be looking at a screen at eye level instead of looking down - I didn't know how much I would appreciate this.

    I regretted it at first, but now that I have it, I am very, very pleased with it.





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    So my wife had an iCurve and loves it. Yesterday I just got a different kind of stand which is the Kensington Laptop Desktop USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station for Mac and I love it! They are more moeny but it is very nice and includes a powered USB hub with four ports built in. I like the paper copy holder part. It nice not having two keyboards sitting right next to each other since on this one the keyboard is covered up. It hides the wires nicely as well. (althought it won't hide the 200 foot wire that came on my MacAlley keyboard- that thing is way too long!!!!!!):eek: I like the simplicity of hte iCurve as well though. If I had wireless keyboard, mouse and no need to plug other things in often I would proabably have thought twice and considered the iCurve, but with wires etc. I like the kensignton better.

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    You must have REALLY good wireless reception huh? :D

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    I bought mine yesterday with a Apple BT keyboard :D
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    Never. I've heard stories of people's laptops slipping off of their iCurves but I can't see how it's possible. the four grip pads really hold my iBook in place. And, as you probably already know now since you got one, there are additional grip pads that you can add on yourself if you feel you need to.

    Congrats on the purchase, Moshiiii. It'll make using your iBook on your desk so much easier on your neck. :)

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