iOS 5 Allows You to Tap Out Custom Vibration Patterns

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    Quite a few of the 200 new features in iOS 5 are focused on accessibility, to "make it easier for people with mobility, hearing, vision, and cognitive disabilities to get the most from their iOS devices." Apple has long been a front-runner with making their devices easy-to-use for their more challenged users.


    Buried in the Accessibility settings of iOS 5 is a custom vibration creator. Users can choose from several vibration patterns, illustrated above, or create your own by tapping on the screen at the desired tempo. Taps patterns are recorded and can be used for your vibration alert.

    Thanks Brent!

    Article Link: iOS 5 Allows You to Tap Out Custom Vibration Patterns
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    I can imagine all kinds of uses for this...;)
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    amazing how Apple ALWAYS implements features so innovative that we wouldn't be expecting! :D
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    Really cool. Accessibility is not just a “checkbox” Apple feels they have to fill. They really give it the attention it deserves.

    (If the vib motor can be semi-precisely controlled like this, it makes me hope for more varied game force-feedback effects too. The usual “long buzz” seldom fits the game action, and then it’s not immersive, not worth the battery life to me, even annoying! So I just disable it.)
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    My wife's parents are deaf and these features will be extremely useful for them. Her mom is looking to get her first iPhone this fall when the iPhone 4S/5 or whatever is released. I do wish, however, that Apple would simply incorporate this into the standard notifications settings. I'm hoping that there isn't some strange "deaf mode" that has to be activated to use this, such as killing the volume across the entire device when it's activated.
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    No, you just turn it on in the settings. I think the biggest thing will be the LED flash for notifications. I haven't seen any other platform do something like this.
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    Not to be one who always wants more, but...
    Can I set different vibrations for when different people call and I am in a meeting?
    Like: = the pizza guy - I'd better pick up.
    Buzzzzzzz.........Buzzzzzzz - my mother in law - keep it in my pocket.
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    That is awesome. Hope it's just software so existing iPhone 4's get all the functionality :)
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    Yes, you can set different patterns per contact.
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    It is quite a strange one. Hopefully future iPhones will have an actual notification light instead of hooking into the LED flash.
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    its almost as if that was a sign. i feel like will implement this either in the next iphone or the 2012 version. just seems so because they are not going to want people to rely on the LED flash.
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    Sweet! I hate it when I pull my phone out during an inopportune moment just to realize that some app sent me a dumb notification and it wasnt something important. Now if they could just pur a more effective vibrator in the next iPhone. Half the time I can't feel it. That's what she said..
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    Ya that is really cool. Do we all get to use this or just accessibility??? :(

    There are several accessibility features that I think anyone would love. I hope they start making them available to everyone without having the accessibility features turned on!
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    Innovative? I hope you're being sarcastic! My BlackBerry has had this feature for quite some time now...this REALLY comes in handy under several circumstances...for example, custom vibrations while in a belt clip/holster or out of w belt clip/holster.

    While at work, in meetings, out and about, phone is holstered...custom bibrations let me kmow if it's a Facebook alert, twitter, a txt, email, the calendar, a BBM, or a phone's very convenient knowing what your phone is doing, without having to pull it out of your pocket, or out of it's case every time you get a notification.

    iOS5 has brought several new features, and enhancements(like notifications) that are slowly convincing me to finally switch to an iPhone. I own literally 20-30 apple products, and would love to add an iPhone 4 to my only hanging onto my BB because of th keyboard...not a big fan of touch screens, and honestly, the BB OS (especially BB6) has so many shortcuts, hotkeys, and little built in features that make day to day productivity so much easier...Apple has finallybstarted to bring some of these features over to iOS...I just wish the iPhone would come to Sprint, as I've been a long time customer, and am Ber happy with their device and plans.

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    :confused: Have you not been paying attention lately? This IS running on an existing iPhone 4; this is the iOS 5 beta software... where the heck have you been?

    I don't know what's happened to this forum, but lately, nobody bothers to read or pay attention to what's actually going on. :rolleyes:
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    Apple outdoing the jailbreak community

    I used a utility from the Cydia store to get this functionality, and I'm pleased, and very surprised that Apple added it to iOS 5.
    It seems like the type of feature that Apple has passed over in the past for being too complex or too likely to be underused. I think the iOS team can strike a balance between allowing users deeper customization while keeping the phone easy to use. I'd be for a slider from Simple to Advanced with a caveat, for instance.
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    Wow. Just wow.

    At first iOS 5 hasn't impressed me enough to prevent me from seriously considering a switch to the Pre 3.

    This this feature surfaces. Apple, please take my money!
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    The custom vibration in the photo above is the Imperial March.
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    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/534.32 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8F190)

    Did a short video for those who can't see how to or the feature
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    I love these awesome undiscovered titbits. How about some configurable haptic feedback, next time?
    I loved Haptic Pro when I was jailbroken.
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    This is so awesome!
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    This is one of the coolest features ever put on a phone, can not wait to make vibrate beats all day!!
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    Like the Blackberry?
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    This is unreal. No wonder the OS keeps getting bigger and bigger and taking up more space! This could be a lot of fun.
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    Heh. i made one for T2 (DUMDUM DUM DUMDUM)... You know what I mean!

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