iOS 7 underwhelming?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by metsjetsfan, Mar 4, 2013.

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    If iOS7 were to be underwhelming similar to what people said about iOS6(not a full redesign) what do people think the changes would be?

    - Ability to hide or delete stock apps
    - Siri upgrades maybe buying other things like baseball tickets
    - mailbox like mail, ie mail and reminders integration
    - Maps streetview(sorry this maybe already there)
    - New Lock screen security(half joke with current issues, altho think it's fine)
    - Safari Snappier? Maybe this will be the new key feature, -:)

    If it was would they say this is all very innovative and an industry first? If changes are just riffing off ideas of other apps would people be disappointed? Or maybe that is good since everything will now better integrated.

    Just think it maybe a possibility since it has been pretty much the same since the last few years, maybe the bigger phone is the big iOS overhaul.
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    Let me get this straight, you're asking what we think Apple could do with the next major iOS release that would still make people hate on it? How about...everything.

    Personally, I'm not expecting to be overwhelmed so no matter what they do, I won't be underwhelmed.

    Also, from the tone of this thread, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that your glass is less full than half-empty.
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    I think that the next iOS release is just going to be fart apps replacing all the defaults.

    iPhone 5S.
    No maps. Just farts.
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    Wow, I love this thread!! Its so full of win.
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    nah just some jokes, I would still be happier with small updates and still call it iOS7, so long as everything is still very smooth and reliable. Definitely know that they are developing for the masses not power users and a more iterative update is more likely.

    Like the "glass is less full than half-empty" phrase btw
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    Michael Goff

    Let's be realistic.... regardless of what Apple actually does do there will be people who will complain that they didn't do X, Y, and Z.

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    Just to clarify, would prefer something smooth and "just works" as opposed to all the android stuff and "checking off the box" functionality, ie HTC's latest that no one will probably use.
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    I love that "just works" moniker. Mainly because I'm pretty sure iOS 6 can be buggy as hell at times.

    Listen, I'll give it credit, its a much more stable than say HTC's version of Android (well the version I had on my EVO 3D anyway), but when it comes to the latest vanilla Android (4.2.2) the term "just works" can't be used as a reason someone chose the iPhone over a Nexus. Lets not pretend that apps dont force close on iOS. Because they do. Quite a bit more often than I was expecting when I made the switch.

    Lastly, there's a large wish list of features out there that could be implemented without ruining that "just works" myth or making an impact on battery life.
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    I once had a boss who said it was best to be a pessimist. If things go wrong, that's expected - if things go right, then you are pleasantly surprised.
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    Don't we have enough threads talking about the possibilities, disappointments, and wishes for iOS 7?
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    True and agree but nothing can be perfect. Especially with electronics and computers.
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    Yeah, I fully agree. There'll always be SOMEONE who's annoyed.
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    And that former boss of yours is entitled to their opinion...but I don't share it. For me, expectations and being overwhelmed/underwhelmed are about balancing needs & wants.

    In terms of needs, if I have something that meets my needs and should, for all intents & purposes, continue to do so but suddenly stops meeting them, then I'm gonna be upset about it. An example of this would be that my 4S works mostly fine for me on iOS 6 but if iOS 7 came out and I updated and suddenly one or more things breaks that I consider critical.

    For wants, if I have something that, like above, meets my needs but that I want to have be able to do so much more and it never does, that won't make me any less happy or satisfied with what I already have. An example of this would be that my 4S is great on iOS 6 but if iOS 7 came out and didn't have a filesystem or group FaceTime or the ability to set default apps, etc.

    Not getting what you need, assuming you really need it, is one thing for which I don't think you should lower your expectations (within reason, of course). Not getting what you want, however, is something else entirely.

    Whatever reason could you have to think that? ;)
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    iOS 7 has not been announced, nor has Apple provided any sort of feature list. We have a number of iOS7 threads in existence such as iOS 7: What To Expect (merged) Please use that to state whether what you think apple will release will be underwhelming or not

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