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Discussion in 'iPad' started by jayes, Jan 25, 2013.

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    I have an iPad Mini - wifi + cellular (VZN). I have a prepaid data plan - $20 for 1 gb. Most of the time the mini is on wifi, but I took it out the other day and it spent part of the day on LTE. Data usage went from about 200 mb to 984 mb in about 4 hours - basically 80% of my month's data usage in a few hours. I watched one Netflix movie and a few Youtube videos. I also have an iPhone 5. Data has not been reset since I got it in Sept 2012. I have used about 4 gb of data. I am on the phone constantly when I am out. I've watched videos and Netflix, yet the phone has only used about 4 gb of data in total in 4 months. I feel like something is not right. Does it seem like the Mini is using an inordinate amount of data in a short period of time? VZN says most people never come close to using their 2gb on their phones, yet I used almost 3/4 gb in just a few hours. Fortunatly on prepaid, it just stops usage when you run out of data or I would be in for a big shock one day. Any thoughts appreciated. Maybe I'm just not understanding how much data a movie uses.
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    1gb of data is not enough for most people if they are out and about with out constat WIFI connectivity. Any time you stream something it uses(more) data and depending on the quality of video , data usage will vary.

    Now, i am not bashing on Verizon but 2g's of data for the "average " and i use that term loosely will not be enough if they stream movies/music or use the internet (how it was intended to be used)

    I been running a data monitoring app and in two days , my wifi usage has reached 500mb and thats with just browsing forums and watching 4 (15 minute videos) .
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    I'd say that's probably right on target given what you stated (watching a netflix movie and other yourtube stuff while on LTE), perhaps you can move up to a higher pre-paid tier or something
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    Yes, that would seem to match up to what I experienced. But what I can't understand is how VZN is telling everyone (as they try to lure them from their unlimited data plans!) is that 2GB of data per month is sufficient for most folks. Clearly it is not. Makes me appreciate my unlimited data plan on my phone even more.
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    I don't think the 2GB that Verizon is suggesting as an average is being used by most to stream movies and music. I would suggest that most of those folks are doing email, surfing the web and maybe a bit of youtube here and there. I think for most of those type users that the 2GB is probably sufficient.

    I barely use a GB on my iPhone each month, but I don't use it for streaming movies either while on cellular network. I do use my iPad a great deal on wifi for this purpose and I think that is likely what most do.

    Don't get me wrong, I wish the plan was at least 5GB for $30, but no going back to those days.
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    The reason is simple(carriers don't want consumers using/having unlimited data), they try to justify that most people don't use more than 2gb. It's true that some people do not use c 2gb but most people who have data plans and are the majority live in big cities with constant wifi.

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