iPod: A look back

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ImperialForces, Nov 4, 2008.

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    I just read a post in the headlines that provided a link to when the iPod was first announced. I was curious as to what people though of it, and they hated it. People thought that the iPod was doomed to fail! :eek:

    LOL at them now :D


    Check it out!
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    very old news and this thread has been brought up soooo many times its not funny


    are just a few of the same topic youve posted and one not even two weeks ago
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    LMAO, I see (as a newcomer) that MacRumours hasn't changed much since 2001... :D
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    Apple users,or at least macrumors users are kind of different now, aren't they?
    It's funny how one was comparing the new iPod to the Cube..
    I don't recall people over here hating the iPhone's birth,though there have definitely been some..
    ..but a lot of people sure hate the new notebooks..it's all evolution, there wouldn't have been any Mac Mini if it wasn't for the Cube, no Apple TV either, no iPods or iPhones if it wasn't for the Newton etc

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