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Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by Hellhammer, May 26, 2010.

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    Okay, so there are PLENTY of great guides in guides section but I find sad that they have zero attention, only if someone links them. So, is there anyway of making them more visible and maybe making it easier to find the guide you're looking for? This way we could decrease the amount of "useless" threads and improve the overall quality of MR. I'm glad to update and write more guides if needed

    Any ideas, suggestions or opinions?
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    I was mainly referring to Mac doesn't boot guide but, you're right, Mac Guides link in most forums would be cool and hopefully avoid the flood of threads.

    I'll edit the title and OP to make this like "Mac Guides need more attention" or something, thanks for the suggestion!
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    if there was more attention drawn to it then it certainly would help reduce those threads that have been answered multiples of times.

    maybe the "newbies", when creating a new thread, could have a pop-up of normal questions.. or something..
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    you WOULD refer to that guide ;)

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    I would suggest giving members that fail to search a collar that can be energized to shock them when they make threads already covered by a guide.

    That or maybe put them in bold red?
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    I totally agree, the Guides are underappreciated here. I find them useful, mostly because I've been contributing to them as well as using them for reference. I'm not sure how they could be made more useful, though - perhaps a mention in the Forum Rules, if they're not already, would help.
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    I think it'd be nifty if they were incorporated into the forum search and maybe the top 3 or so showed above the thread searches... also maybe when people started a new thread it would search their title in the guides before the post went up. Could then possible also make some "catcher guides" for when people post thread topics like "Help!" that just explain how to make a better title...

    Also maybe if major edits brought it up in the forum spy (could block guides via config). Although I don't know how useful that would be.
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    ... or some sort of popup if users have <1,000 posts or something.. just a reminder that the basic help guides are there.

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