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Magnesium iPod? PowerMacs at WWDC?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jul 11, 2006.

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    American Technology Research Analyst, Shaw Wu, echoes sentiments that the new iPod nano will come in a new metal enclosure. Shaw Wu, however, specifically states that the new iPod nano cases will be made of magnesium rather than the aluminum. According to Wu, the new magnesium nanos are expected by October of this year.

    While there had been rumors of Apple using magnesium alloys for their laptops in the past, the last notable computer enclosure built with magnesium was the NeXT Cube. In 1993, NeXTWORLD's Simson Garfinkel documented his (extensive) efforts at setting a NeXT Cube on fire. (image)

    Meanwhile, Wu also reiterates that the Intel PowerMac revision is expected at WWDC on August 7th. He also holds out hope for more to come:

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    So is magnesium more durable than Aluminum?
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    yeah whats the real difference between magnesium and aluminum?
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    Mac Fly (film)

    Is magnesium the main element in fireworks?
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    Well, I'm waiting to be amazed. Apple has been pretty quiet in product releases as of late. I'd like to see an iPod that can play while on fire.
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    Magnesium is flamible and burns VERY bright.

    I can see it now: Do not smoke while using iPod.
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    Oh yeah I remember lighting Magnesium on fire at school... Sweet. Hey ma got the new iFlame!
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    I had a laptop with a magnesium alloy case back in the days before I became a Mac Convert. It was a Sony VAIO 505-TR, and was a very nice light machine. One of the benefits of the magnesium case over the aluminium Powerbook case is the magnesium case never corroded like my 12" PB case has.
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    Everything burns and is flamable at the right temperature.
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    sweet. portable music player AND fireplace.

    what more do you really need? ...save suffering 3rd degree burns.
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    Heck why stop there? Why not make it water proof, fire proof, hurricane and tornado proof, and even lightning proof :p
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    For those who are interested in some of the advantages of magnesium, try this page. It's in reference to auto parts, but contains interesting general info.

    Yes, magnesium is very flammable, but really only in finely powdered form.
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    oh no

    oh noes

    I can just see someone doing there work on a mpb by candle light then the candle falls on the MPB and it burns....then the flames are so bright that the poor guy burns his retina's not a good idea..... I hope its not elemental magnesium that could cause some problems...:) :confused:

    ipod nano oops really need to read better
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    Haha! That would come in handy, with these long cold Minnesota winters. :D Anyway, anything would have to be more durable than the current Nano enclosures. I love my mini because of its casing, and have waited on picking up a new iPod until I see something more durable. I have no need for a 30-60GB iPod, the 4-6 GB's is the sweet spot for me personally.
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    I dunno.

    If the iPod gets much smaller and lighter I won't even know I'm carrying one. My nano is already at the "tiny and light" level that I like.
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    HAHAHAH that made me laugh
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    I have an ice cream scoop that's made out of this type of magnesium material it's a beautiful material. I actually talked about using this metal about a year or so ago. I also think that liquid metal titanium would be a beautiful material for the new MacBook Pros or Mac Pros
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    Oh, you forgot scratch proof. :D
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    Give me 5 years and I'll be buying these things in bulk off ebay to put in my New Year's Bonfire to replace the old magnesium VW engine blocks I use now.
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    Aluminum is flammable too!

    What you people are failing to realize is that Aluminum in a finely powdered form is highly flammable too. In fact, it's the primary ingredient for solid rocket boosters.
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    Magnesium is also used for underwater and air flares. So, I suppose if you're out at sea and your diving lights go out, you could tinder the ol' iPod as an underwater torch. Or, maybe if you're being chased by heat-seeking missiles you could ignite your iPod and toss it out the window...

    I'm sure whatever they do it will be fine, though...
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    try lighting aluminum foil..... it won't burn try lighting a strip of magnesium and you have a light show lol
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    Let's get a grip here; apple is not going to make ipods that burst in to flames!
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    Oh, you're absolutely right. It's just fun to think about :D
  25. 7on
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    Right now aluminum prices have skyrocketed. I've heard stories of people stealing aluminum irrigation pipes down south (the thieves turn around and sell the AL).

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